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As a long time member of the Children's Services Division I am pleased to see everything that is going on in the Division and I support all of your work.

MaryKay Dahlgreen
Oregon State Librarian
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Hello, everyone.  I'm the current chair of OLA Children's Services Division and I look forward to a great year with a great Board.  The OLA CSD Board met on October 10, and made quite a few decisions that we want to make sure the membership knows about since there will be (gasp!) changes ahead.  Here's a summary:

  1.   The Vision and Mission statements were finalized and approved.
OLA CSD Vision:  Libraries are essential community leaders that foster every child's potential, engage families in the joy of reading, writing, and learning together, and prepare children for academic and lifelong success.
OLA CSD Mission:  the Children's Services Division champions children's literacy and provides continuing education for Oregon library staff serving children and families.

  1.  The Primary Goals of CSD were determined.
 (1)  Promote the joy of reading.
(2)  Participate in conversations with families, community organizations and stakeholders to provide subject matter expertise.
(3) Provide opportunities for peer collaboration and resource sharing.

  1.  Immediate actions were determined that related specifically to the Primary Goals.
     *   Goal One-Promote the joy of reading.
Action:  Create a daily early literacy calendar.  Committee of 12 volunteers will create the calendar, each member responsible for one month.  12 volunteers signed up at the Fall Workshop and Linda Annable of the Newport Library will coordinate the project.

     *   Goal Two-Participate in conversations with families, community organizations and stakeholders to provide subject matter expertise.
Actions:  Support the Governor's StORytime public awareness campaign.
Support Legislative Day.  The CSD Board will vote on funding an attendee, depending on current topics of interest as well as budget available.
 Participate on the Legislative Committee.  Past CSD chair, Korie Jones Buerkle, is now on the committee.

     *   Goal Three-Provide opportunities for peer collaboration and resource sharing.
 Actions:  Update the CSD web page and offer a "one stop shop" of professional resources, announcements of workshops and webinars, connection with Northwest Central, etc.  Taylor Worley has begun the work of acquiring our own domain and improving the appearance.  Barratt Miller, incoming chair, will be requesting recommended links and resources from the membership.
Provide $500 scholarships for webinars and workshops, as well as $1000 scholarships for conferences.
Record the Mock Sibert presentation by Marc Aronson and make it available to all members.

  1.  Agreed to update and streamline the Youth Services Guidelines.  Volunteers signed up at the Fall Workshop, but additional volunteers are welcome.  Please contact me if you are interested.  The following guidelines for the guidelines ( :) ) were determined:
     *   They will follow the same format as OLA PLD Guidelines.
     *   The CSD Board will identify 3 samples from other states, including ALSC Competencies, for the committee to consider.
     *   They will be completed by Fall, 2015
     *   The work could be done virtually, but some real time discussion will be needed.
  2.  It was decided that the focus of the Spring and Fall workshops will switch.  Many members said that they are done designing their summer reading program by the time the Spring Workshop occurs.  Beginning with Fall, 2015, the topic of the Fall Workshop will be summer reading, and the focus of the Spring Workshop will be professional development.
  3.   Biggest and best of all, the CSD Board created a budget!!  Believe it or not, there's never actually been one before.  The budget will stay within the boundaries of the annual profit.  The Board will vote on any expenditures that exceed the budget, such as Legislative Day or a guest speaker at a workshop.  It was also decided:
     *   Lunches will no longer be served at the Mock, Spring and Fall workshops, due to the expense and complexity.  This will begin with the 2015 Mock Caldecott.  Attendees will be asked to bring their own lunch, or visit a local restaurant.
     *   Mock workshops will have a budget of $500.
     *   There will be only one CSD Mock workshop, and the subject will rotate through the categories.  Winter, 2015, will be a Mock Pura Belpre.
     *   Scholarships for webinars/workshops will be primarily for library staff who cannot afford to attend, or who cannot leave their library to attend.
     *   CSD will continue to support Letters About Literature for $300.
     *   CSD currently has a healthy amount of money.  Discussion focused on using it for the members in a way that meets at least one of the Primary Goals.  Possibilities include an author/illustrator presentation, or a state-wide touring program such as Jim Gill.  The Board will also pursue discussion with OYAN and OASL, to see what could be done if we combine efforts and have a big event, maybe every other year.
The Board is also going to be proposing a change to the bylaws, which will require a vote from the membership, so watch for that information in 2015.

Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.  I hope to see many of you at the Mock Sibert on December 13 at the Wilsonville Public Library.

Heather McNeil
Youth Services Manager
Deschutes Public Library
(541) 617-7099


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