[kids-lib] Learn about finding funders, grant seeking, grant writing, grant budget basics, and more

Katie Anderson katie.anderson at state.or.us
Mon Nov 17 08:36:32 PST 2014

Hi! I thought many of you might be interested in the following free webinars to help you learn more about grant seeking, writing, and budgeting.

Questions? Contact the Foundation Center here: http://grantspace.org/ask-us

Katie Anderson, Library Support and Development Services
* Youth Services Consultant * Oregon Center for the Book Coordinator *
Oregon State Library, 250 Winter St. NE, Salem, OR 97301
katie.anderson at state.or.us<mailto:katie.anderson at state.or.us>, 503-378-2528

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The Foundation Center offers some free internet classes that may be of interest.  Here is a recent sampling:

Free Online Classes from the Foundation Center.  Hold down the CTRL key and Click on orange title for more information.

Proposal Writing Basics (Webinar)<http://e.foundationcenter.org/a/hBUag4SB8ixY9B89l8BAAE4WN5T/gs23>
MON, November 17
2:00-3:00 pm ET

Proposal Budgeting Basics (Webinar)<http://e.foundationcenter.org/a/hBUag4SB8ixY9B89l8BAAE4WN5T/gs22>
MON, November 24
3:00-4:00 pm ET

Grantseeking Basics (Webinar)<http://e.foundationcenter.org/a/hBUag4SB8ixY9B89l8BAAE4WN5T/gs19>
MON, December 8
3:00-4:00 pm ET

Your Board and Fundraising (Webinar)<http://e.foundationcenter.org/a/hBUag4SB8ixY9B89l8BAAE4WN5T/gs24>
WED, December 10
2:00-3:00 pm ET
Introduction to Finding Funders (Webinar)<http://e.foundationcenter.org/a/hBUag4SB8ixY9B89l8BAAE4WN5T/gs20>
MON, December 15
3:00-4:00 pm ET

Note that not all of their classes are free.  The Foundation Center is a premier agency in grant training.

Ann Reed, Federal Programs Coordinator
Oregon State Library
Library Support and Development Services
250 Winter St.
Salem, OR 97301
ann.reed at state.or.us<mailto:ann.reed at state.or.us>
phone 503-378-5027
fax 503-378-6439

From: Foundation Center [mailto:foundationcenter at e.foundationcenter.org]
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To: Ann Reed
Subject: New at GrantSpace: Building the Bottom Line: Growing and Diversifying Your Revenue

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[SUBJECTS]<http://e.foundationcenter.org/a/hBUag4SB8ixY9B89l8BAAE4WN5T/gs46>[SKILLS]<http://e.foundationcenter.org/a/hBUag4SB8ixY9B89l8BAAE4WN5T/gs45>[CLASSROOM]<http://e.foundationcenter.org/a/hBUag4SB8ixY9B89l8BAAE4WN5T/gs44>[TOOLS]<http://e.foundationcenter.org/a/hBUag4SB8ixY9B89l8BAAE4WN5T/gs47>[ASK   US]<http://e.foundationcenter.org/a/hBUag4SB8ixY9B89l8BAAE4WN5T/gs43>


  November 2014


Building the Bottom Line: Growing and Diversifying Your Revenue
TUE, December 9 | 2:00-3:30 pm  ET | Webinar | $95

Looking for a proven process to plan for revenue growth and creative techniques for identifying new diversified revenue streams?

Learn how to avoid common (and costly) mistakes that could undermine your efforts to grow and diversify revenue from Nancy Osgood, founder and president of the Osgood Group, a management consulting firm that helps nonprofit organizations and socially focused businesses improve performance, effectiveness, and sustainability.

Sample Nancy's expertise with these these items from our collection:

How to Plan for Revenue Growth<http://e.foundationcenter.org/a/hBUag4SB8ixY9B89l8BAAE4WN5T/gs28> (Video)

Ready for Revenue Planning? 5 Qs to Ask Yourself<http://e.foundationcenter.org/a/hBUag4SB8ixY9B89l8BAAE4WN5T/gs26> (Live chat transcript)
REGISTER NOW ><http://e.foundationcenter.org/a/hBUag4SB8ixY9B89l8BAAE4WN5T/gs40>



Motivating Millenials: How to Activate Young People to Take Action for Your Cause<http://e.foundationcenter.org/a/hBUag4SB8ixY9B89l8BAAE4WN5T/gs21>
TUE, November 18  |  2:00-3:00 pm ET  |  $9.99
Get a taste of DoSomething's secret sauce in how they motivate millions of people to take action every year, from Greg Perlstein, director of strategy and partnerships for TMI, the consulting arm of DoSomething.

Excellent Practices in Online Fundraising: Measuring Online Success<http://e.foundationcenter.org/a/hBUag4SB8ixY9B89l8BAAE4WN5T/gs36>
WED, November 19  |  2:00-3:30 pm ET  |  $95
Learn how to define and measure true success of your online engagement activities from John Kenyon, a nationally recognized expert in online presence for nonprofits. (Hint: It's not the number of website visitors or Facebook "likes.")

Using Facebook to Amplify Your Year-End Fundraising<http://e.foundationcenter.org/a/hBUag4SB8ixY9B89l8BAAE4WN5T/gs41>
THU, December 11  |  1:00-2:00 pm ET  |  $69
Learn how to integrate Facebook into your existing fundraising strategy to get more results across all channels - e-mail, your website, and even direct mail - from John Haydon, one of the most sought-after digital marketing experts for nonprofits.




Crowdfunding in the Arts: How to Add This Essential Tool to Your Fundraising Mix (Recorded Webinar)<http://e.foundationcenter.org/a/hBUag4SB8ixY9B89l8BAAE4WN5T/gs30>  Learn best practices to prepare, create, launch, and market a campaign successfully from Dana Ostomel, founder and chief gifting officer of Deposit a Gift.

Social Capital: Supporting the Community Beyond Grants (Video)<http://e.foundationcenter.org/a/hBUag4SB8ixY9B89l8BAAE4WN5T/gs29>  Sisters of Charity Foundation of Cleveland representatives describe how they support the community beyond grantmaking.

The Puzzle of the DC Region's Modest-Size Foundation Sector in a Wealthy Area (Podcast)<http://e.foundationcenter.org/a/hBUag4SB8ixY9B89l8BAAE4WN5T/gs27>  George Mason University professors suggest methods for how the wealthy Washington, DC, area's small community of grantmaking foundations can maximize their impact to help the region's struggling nonprofits.

New from Foundation Center

Foundation Directory Online special<http://e.foundationcenter.org/a/hBUag4SB8ixY9B89l8BAAE4WN5T/gs11>  Until November 30, new subscribers can buy 3 months now, and get 1 month free.

Key Facts on U.S. Foundations<http://e.foundationcenter.org/a/hBUag4SB8ixY9B89l8BAAE4WN5T/gs6>  Annual research study estimates 2013 giving at $54.7 billion, and the outlook for 2014 is for growth to continue ahead of inflation.

Scanning the Landscape of Youth Philanthropy: Observations and Recommendations for Strengthening a Growing Field<http://e.foundationcenter.org/a/hBUag4SB8ixY9B89l8BAAE4WN5T/gs8>  New report is an in-depth examination of the story and needs of young people making monetary contributions to organizations through established institutions or governing bodies.

Philanthropy & Hurricane Sandy: A Report on the Foundation & Corporate Response<http://e.foundationcenter.org/a/hBUag4SB8ixY9B89l8BAAE4WN5T/gs7>  Nearly 600 funders have so far committed more than $380 million for relief, recovery, and building in response to the devastation wrought by Hurricane Sandy in October 2012.

Sustainable Fisheries Special Collection at IssueLab<http://e.foundationcenter.org/a/hBUag4SB8ixY9B89l8BAAE4WN5T/gs4>  Fisheries worldwide are threatened by climate change, pollution and over-fishing. Who's helping and how?

Community Foundation Atlas<http://e.foundationcenter.org/a/hBUag4SB8ixY9B89l8BAAE4WN5T/gs1>  Online platform maps the identities, locations, assets, roles, and achievements of community foundations worldwide.




Foundation Center offices will be closed November 27-28 for the holiday, but GrantSpace resources will be available 24/7.

We give thanks to:

  *   the donors who support our work;
  *   the experts who have shared time and wisdom with our audience; and
  *   our visitors who are working hard to improve their communities.

May you all have a safe and healthy holiday.



Online Classes

Did you know we have a calendar<http://e.foundationcenter.org/a/hBUag4SB8ixY9B89l8BAAE4WN5T/gs17> of free online classes? Here are some upcoming events:

Proposal Writing Basics (Webinar)<http://e.foundationcenter.org/a/hBUag4SB8ixY9B89l8BAAE4WN5T/gs23>
MON, November 17
2:00-3:00 pm ET

Proposal Budgeting Basics (Webinar)<http://e.foundationcenter.org/a/hBUag4SB8ixY9B89l8BAAE4WN5T/gs22>
MON, November 24
3:00-4:00 pm ET

Grantseeking Basics (Webinar)<http://e.foundationcenter.org/a/hBUag4SB8ixY9B89l8BAAE4WN5T/gs19>
MON, December 8
3:00-4:00 pm ET

Your Board and Fundraising (Webinar)<http://e.foundationcenter.org/a/hBUag4SB8ixY9B89l8BAAE4WN5T/gs24>
WED, December 10
2:00-3:00 pm ET

Introduction to Finding Funders (Webinar)<http://e.foundationcenter.org/a/hBUag4SB8ixY9B89l8BAAE4WN5T/gs20>
MON, December 15
3:00-4:00 pm ET

>From Our Blog

Our blog delivers knowledge you need to be a better grantseeker. Recent posts include:

15 FDO Tips for 15 Years, Part 1<http://e.foundationcenter.org/a/hBUag4SB8ixY9B89l8BAAE4WN5T/gs13>

3 Ways to Get Ready for #GivingTuesday<http://e.foundationcenter.org/a/hBUag4SB8ixY9B89l8BAAE4WN5T/gs14>

Top 5 Tips for Successful Grant Proposals<http://e.foundationcenter.org/a/hBUag4SB8ixY9B89l8BAAE4WN5T/gs15>

>From Our Knowledge Base

Get answers with these articles that list resources handpicked by our staff:

How do I write a business plan for a nonprofit organization?<http://e.foundationcenter.org/a/hBUag4SB8ixY9B89l8BAAE4WN5T/gs34>


What is a case statement? Where can I learn more about it?<http://e.foundationcenter.org/a/hBUag4SB8ixY9B89l8BAAE4WN5T/gs32>


Where can I find information on online fundraising?<http://e.foundationcenter.org/a/hBUag4SB8ixY9B89l8BAAE4WN5T/gs33>


We also offer comprehensive training courses for those who want to delve deeper into these topics:

Proposal Writing Boot Camp ><http://e.foundationcenter.org/a/hBUag4SB8ixY9B89l8BAAE4WN5T/gs37>

Proposal Writing Workshop ><http://e.foundationcenter.org/a/hBUag4SB8ixY9B89l8BAAE4WN5T/gs38>

Securing Corporate Partnerships ><http://e.foundationcenter.org/a/hBUag4SB8ixY9B89l8BAAE4WN5T/gs39>

Courses are available in Atlanta, Cleveland, New York, San Francisco, and Washington, DC.

All Online Classes > <http://e.foundationcenter.org/a/hBUag4SB8ixY9B89l8BAAE4WN5T/gs17>

All Questions > <http://e.foundationcenter.org/a/hBUag4SB8ixY9B89l8BAAE4WN5T/gs31>

All Courses > <http://e.foundationcenter.org/a/hBUag4SB8ixY9B89l8BAAE4WN5T/gs35>

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