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Jane Corry janec at multcolib.org
Tue Jan 13 12:42:09 PST 2015

OLA's  leadership taskforce has been working on getting leadership training
in Oregon. This all day preconference on April 15 is our first offering. If
you have questions, ask me or Candice Watkins.


Lead From Any Position

Are you looking to develop your leadership skills to benefit your library?
Your community?  Your professional association? Your career?  The Oregon
Library Association is offering a full day leadership training at the 2015
OLA Conferencein Eugene -- Leading From Any Position: Creating Learning
Libraries in Five Easy Lessons -- that you can register for now. This
preconference is being planned by the OLA Leadership Task Force. OLA is
committed to supporting the building of leadership skills in its members.
The preconference is open to all library workers.

Becky Schreiber and John Shannon, facilitators of the well regarded PNLA
Leads! Leadership Institute, will guide participants in exploring
leadership from all positions in libraries. Their results have been
recognized by library staff who embrace the concepts and implement the
disciplines of Peter Senge’s Learning Organizations. This preconference will
examine innovative ideas and provide support for participants’ efforts to
lead in our librarie and beyond.

What can a leadership training do for you? Read this testimony and more
<https://ola.memberclicks.net/leadership-testimonials?servId=2863> on OLA’s
Leadership Taskforce webpages.

[image: testimony.jpg]Angela Weyrens, Multnomah County Library

“Although it has been close to 8 years since I participated in the PNLA
Leadership Institute, I carry the talisman of the self-awareness and
confidence I started to build there with me every day. Becky Schreiber and
John Shannon were amazing guides on the road to successful leadership. They
didn't care about my official position or level of education- only that I
had the potential to help shape the future of libraries and I was willing
to participate in some deep and painful reflection to do so. They helped to
direct my passion for our institution down a leadership path. I am the
leader I am in part because they helped me see who and what I could be.”

In OLA’s experiential preconference, we will:


   Explore the concepts of Leading from Any Position; to take initiative
   and garner influence regardless of organizational authority

   Practice practical applications of Peter Senge’s five learning

   Apply the disciplines to each participant’s unique situation

   Plan strategies for using the concepts to create a collaborative culture

   Experience the fun of creating together, treating ambiguity as an
   opportunity for group innovation

For more information about the preconference, including the agenda, visit OLA’s
Leadership Taskforce webpage <http://www.olaweb.org/leadership-taskforce>.
Register for the preconference through the OLAConference 2015 website

Jane Corry
Youth Librarian-Belmont Neighborhood Library
Multnomah County Library

"You would think that if there is anything in the world that we can all
agree on is an unequivocal good, a moral absolute, an end in itself, it is
the happiness and health of children."  -Alison Gopnick
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