[kids-lib] Books??

Jane Corry janec at multcolib.org
Thu Jan 21 09:05:10 PST 2016

Every year at Oregon legislative day OLA gives a book to our state
legislators to donate to a library of their choosing. The supply is getting
a bit slim/dated. If you've been on a committee and wonder what to do with
some of those books you just don't have room for, we'd love to have them.
let me know and I'll figure out how to get them. If you've never been to
legislative day, it's very interesting and fun. I highly recommend it.

Jane Corry
Youth Librarian-Belmont Neighborhood Library
Multnomah County Library
Oregon Library Association President

Adults generally try to do too much for children, and this can have a
damaging affect on children's perception of themselves as confident and
competent learners.
-- Toni Christie
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