[kids-lib] A note of gratitude if you need it

Bryce Kozla brycek at wccls.org
Wed Jun 15 08:08:53 PDT 2016

Hi everyone,
I wrote a version of this email to the YS staff at my cooperative and it seemed to be much-needed. I hope it is also a comfort or commiseration to you around the state:
I know  I'm not alone in being heart-sick by the massacre at Pulse in Orlando. Florida was my home for the first 6 years of what I call my "actual adult life", and I have friends and family there affected by this tragedy. To say that this week has been difficult is an understatement.

I wanted to share with you a comforting Twitter thread written by my professional hero Melissa Depper. I needed it, and you might too: https://twitter.com/MelissaZD/status/742370202302566401

The welcoming and consistent atmosphere you all create for children and families in your libraries is dearly appreciated by your communities and certainly by me. You matter so much to our state.

Please feel free to email me,

Bryce Kozla, Youth Services Librarian
Washington County Cooperative Library Services

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