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If a NF book LOOKS like a picture book and seems to be of general interest, I usually shelve it with the picture books. Most of our E NF 398 collection is anthologies, or books that a casual browser in the picture book section is unlikely to choose.


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Hi Crew,
I'd love to hear your views on this subject: what do you choose to put in your  398 "Tales and Legends etc" section of Non-Fiction? 
Here's my quandry: I have many, many beautiful picture books in this 398 section that simply don't circ because people don't go into non-fic very often. Lon Po Po, for example, the award winning red-riding hood story, is cataloged in our 398. 

How do you decide if it should be "Picture Book" or a 398 title? 

Then there's a title "Read-Aloud African American Stories", an anthology, that, although beautifully illustrated, seems well placed in 398.  
How do you make these kids of choices? I'd love to hear your input.
Jana Hannigan, Hood River Co. Library District

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