[kids-lib] 2017 OBOB complete titles released!

Korie Jones Buerkle korie.buerkle at newbergoregon.gov
Thu May 5 16:07:28 PDT 2016

Hi all,
The official OBOB list for 2017 has been released by Jennifer Thompson, OBOB Title Chair. Don't forget that you can use Ready to Read grant funds to purchase these books for your library.

Another idea for purchasing extra titles is through your local service group. Our public library applied to our Early Bird Rotary group for a grant to give each of our participating schools a full set of books as well as a set of books from each level for our public library. Our service group was excited to support OBOB. The library took care of the ordering and dividing books up, and placed a bookplate with "In support of OBOB from the Newberg Early Bird Rotary and Newberg Public Library" in each book. It was also a great way for our public library to connect with our school libraries.

This year the Newberg Public Library will again be writing questions for the elementary division, and we are willing to share our 10 sets of questions. In support of OBOB programming at other public libraries, these questions will be available only to public libraries by December 1, 2016. Please email me if you would like to receive them. They will be available on the Newberg Public Library website for everyone at the end of January 2017.

Happy Reading!
Korie Buerkle, Mary Lynn Thomas, Amanda Lamb

Korie Buerkle
Assistant Library Director | Children's Librarian
Newberg Public Library
Office: 503 554 7734 | Children's Desk: 503 537 0304
Please note my work week is Tues. - Sat.

>From Jennifer Thompson, Oregon Battle of the Books Title Chair:
The 2017 OBOB lists are complete. Happy Reading! Be sure to check the wiki later this year for the official lists and bookmarks with the finalized titles and authors names, just in case something changes, but at least for now you can read away.


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