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Wed May 11 08:40:02 PDT 2016

*​Name:* Jeana McClure

*Libraries I've Worked At:* Right now, I “work” for love, not money! I’ve
volunteered since 2010 with Multnomah County Library. I started with the
Summer Reading Program at the Belmont branch, and then Jane Corry asked if
I’d like to help with storytimes on Saturdays. Over the last six years,
I’ve worked Tiny Tots, Preschool, and Family storytimes with Jane, Diana
Armstrong, and Sean O’Brien. I also spent a year at Gregory Heights
facilitating Talk Time, which provides non-native speakers a supportive
environment in which to practice their English.

*CSD Stuff I've Done:* I was the MLS student representative at a February
2014 strategic planning workgroup meeting. That workshop gave me the idea
for my MLS practicum, identifying best practices in storytime. Rick
Samuelson (formerly with WCCLS) was my practicum advisor. I worked on the
Early Literacy Calendar, writing content for August and helping prepare the
final document. And I’m working with Heather McNeil, Katie Anderson, and
Danielle Jones to revise OLA’s Children's Services Guidelines.

*Other Cool Stuff I've Done: *I’m a SMART reader (Start Making a Reader
Today) at a local elementary school (2004-2009, 2015-2016). I took my niece
to Spain last summer; the highlight for me was wading in the Mediterranean.
Other randomness: I played Alice in a children’s theatre production of
Alice Through the Looking Glass; wrote articles for an airline magazine;
taught myself HTML and designed websites; and studied many languages:
German, French, Irish, Russian, American Sign Language, Japanese, Dutch,
right now, Spanish).

*Why I'm Running: *As a SMART reader, I spent a year with a third grade boy
who struggled to read Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. It was heart breaking.
Becoming a librarian is how I chose to help advance childhood literacy.
Until I’m working in a library myself, supporting CSD is one more way I can
support you and all the children you serve.

*If I Were a Picture Book, I'd Be:* Battle Bunny, by Jon Scieszka and Mac
Barnett … mostly because it reflects the skewed and slightly subversive
sense of humor that overlays a serious swath of sentimentality. Also, I
think it’s hilarious.

Barratt Miller
CSD Chair 2015-16
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