[kids-lib] Performer Showcase Update

Karen Fischer kfischer at cityofsalem.net
Wed May 25 08:12:37 PDT 2016

**Performer Showcase Update**
Over 50 performers have already registered for the September 24, 2016 Showcase!  
This biennial event sponsored by the Oregon Library Association Children's Services Division and Salem Public Library, brings librarians, teachers, and others who book performances together with area performers.  
Please help get the word out to your local performers that there is still time to register!
See attached the email invitation to performers in Word and PDF formats.  
You can also create your own invitation locally using the following links:

Here is how you can be part of this amazing event that only takes place the last Saturday in September during even-numbered years.
Please follow the links below to complete two online surveys:
1. 2016 Performer Showcase Invitation survey:

Your responses will be used to prepare the Performer Showcase schedule and Index of Performers that attendees receive. In September, I will send you your 5 minute time slot and provide additional information about the day. (Many of you already know just how awesome this is!)
2. 2016 Oregon Performer Directory survey:
This one is just a little longer, but still very quick and easy to complete.  From information you provide, I will create the downloadable 2016 Oregon Performer Directory.  It will be available on the Oregon Library Association Children's Services Division website beginning in October 2016.
Showcase attendees will have access to the information the day of the Showcase.
Thank you for your help to include all Children's, Teen and Family performers in Oregon and the Pacific Northwest!
Karen Fischer, Showcase Coordinator
kfischer at cityofsalem.net
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