[kids-lib] Basics of Singing Preconference: Last Chance to Register!

CSD Past Chair csdpastchair at olaweb.org
Fri Apr 7 15:30:49 PDT 2017

Hi everyone,

We're less than 2 weeks away from CSD's Basics of Singing preconference and
there are still plenty of spaces left!

Things that will happen in this session: *learn how to be heard over a room
full of screaming children* *without damaging your voice*, while singing
*AND* reading

Things that will *NOT* happen in this session: solo singing and/or public

Seriously, this is a great opportunity to become a better singer AND a
better read-aloud-er. Laura, our presenter, plans to focus on both.

Date: Wednesday, April 19
Time: 8:30-11:00 AM
Location: Salem Convention Center
Cost: $50
Registration Link: https://orlib17.wordpress.com/register/

And, if you want to add a 20-minute lesson with Laura (our presenter) to
develop a practice plan, we have a few spots open starting at 3:00 PM.
Private lessons are $25.


P.S. When I was 17, my favorite teacher made each of his music theory
students take a singing test. The prospect of singing in front of someone I
trusted was so terrifying that I burst into tears and refused to even try.
Now, I sing for about a hundred people each week. If you want to work on
your singing skills but are scared of the group setting, a) I have been
there and b) Laura and I will not let anyone put you in an uncomfortable
singing situation at this workshop.

Barratt Miller
CSD Past Chair 2016-17
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