[kids-lib] New Learn to Research Video Tutorials Added to OSLIS => 5 More for Secondary + 4 for Elementary

Jennifer Maurer jennifer.maurer at state.or.us
Fri Oct 27 15:11:59 PDT 2017

Please pardon the cross-posting.

As many of you know, OSLIS offers video tutorials about how to do research. Good news - there are 5 new tutorials for secondary (for a total of 15), and the first 4 for elementary are now available! Some members of the OSLIS committee will focus on scripts for more elementary videos this year.

As with the previous videos, closed captioning and transcripts are available in English and Spanish. The embedded videos play from Vimeo, but there are also links for each video on YouTube and SafeShare. YouTube offers auto-translate in many languages, including Chinese, Hebrew, Russian, and Vietnamese. The Video Help<http://oslis.org/learn-to-research/external-resources/video-help> page on OSLIS explains how to access the closed captioning options in Vimeo and YouTube.

These are the new tutorials. If you can't see the image thumbnails, check the post in the OSLIST archive.

[cid:image002.png at 01D34F35.EEBE8280]

The videos are linked or featured in several places in the Learn to Research section of OSLIS:

*         There's a master list of all videos linked in the Resources box of every research step's landing page. Recall that for secondary students, the research model includes 6 steps, and for elementary students, there are 4 steps. For example, see the Resources box on the Find step's landing page (elementary<http://elementary.oslis.org/learn-to-research/find>, secondary<http://secondary.oslis.org/learn-to-research/find>). Don't confuse the brief introductory video that is featured on each step's landing page with the research videos linked in the Resources box.

*         The same master lists are available in the Teacher Content area near the bottom of the educator Learn to Research landing pages (elementary<http://elementary.educator.oslis.org/learn-to-research>, secondary<http://secondary.educator.oslis.org/learn-to-research>).

*         Individual videos are featured in the content area and/or in the Resources box of relevant sub-steps. For example, see the secondary Identify Keywords and Concepts page<http://secondary.oslis.org/learn-to-research/plan/plan-your-search-strategy/identify-keywords-and-concepts> associated with the Plan Your Search Strategy sub-step or the elementary Create My Questions sub-step page<http://elementary.oslis.org/learn-to-research/plan/plan-form-guiding-questions-wp>.

You may it helpful to have the direct links to each of the 9 new videos. For that and for prior posts about research video tutorials, scroll to the bottom of this message in the OSLIST archive: http://oslis.org/oslissupport/announcements/july-2017-june-2018/october-27-2017.

Questions? Please ask.


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