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CSD Past Chair csdpastchair at olaweb.org
Mon Sep 10 16:44:08 PDT 2018

Hi, kid-serving library folk!

CSD is doing a partnership with the Oregon Parenting Education
Collaborative (OPEC) to help beef up the booklist suggestions they make to
parents in their monthly newsletters for 2019.

I'm looking for 4-5 CSD members who'd like to help put together a booklist
featuring 1-6 books for each of the topics below, ideally with at least one
book in Spanish. The deadline for the list is early-mid December, so if you
are interested, please email me at csdpastchair at olaweb.org by September

Self-control - books encouraging following directions and self-regulation
Cooperation - books about taking turns, sharing, working together, or
helping others
Sleep - books about going to bed, saying goodnight, or bedtime routines,
Finding Parenting Resources  - books that highlight the special
relationship between children and caregivers
Managing Challenging Behaviors - books about managing
anger/frustration/other hard emotions
Brain Development - books that encourage curiosity and conversation
The Importance of the Early Years - books about learning and growing
Children's Emotional Development - books about feelings
Self-Care for Parents - books about taking care of yourself/doing nice
things for yourself
Importance of Play - books about play or encouraging imaginary play
The Best of Positive Parenting Techniques - books about accepting yourself
and others
Routines - books about learning to do things independently

*Natasha Forrester Campbell, Youth Librarian, CSD Past Chair, 2018-2019*
*Website:* http://www.csdola.org/
*Facebook: *https://www.facebook.com/csdola/

If you need to contact me by phone, you can reach me at the
Hollywood Library - a branch of the Multnomah County Library District
503-988-4598 <(503)%20988-4598>
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