[kids-lib] Help with Answerland question about old children's book title

Greta Bergquist greta.bergquist at state.or.us
Mon Dec 9 11:20:09 PST 2019

Hi team kid/teen lit,

Does anyone have any title ideas for this question we got from Answerland chat? Here it is:

"Can anyone tell me the name or author of a children's or young-adult book that featured "whockleberries" and a "gold mass cat"? Main character was the youngest boy in an isolated farm family whose imagination ran a little out of control. Whockleberries were raisins smushed on to the ends of sticks of kindling at the back of the woodshed; the kid's older brothers encouraged him in the notion that a box of weird ingredients kept under his bed would spontaneously generate a "gold mass cat". There was a heartwarming Christmas ending. Thanks for any help you can give me. Note -- if you search on "whockleberries" on the internet, likely the only hits you'll find are my unanswered questions on various forums ..."


Greta b

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