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Forwarding to the list on behalf of Jane. Additional details will be forthcoming. See the original e-mail below!

So far, Heather from Deschutes, Barratt from ORC, Perry from Baker, and Kathy from Boardman have expressed interest.


(Please pardon the x-post to Libs-OR)

Hi all --

With the arrival of our new children's librarian Jennifer Fischer, Crook County Library recently got its own puppet mascot. His name is Alfonso Alpaca and the children all love him so. I saw on Facebook that Newport Public Library recently acquired Pongo the baby orangutan. Deschutes has Rockie Racoon. I know other libraries in Oregon have other puppets.

Would anyone be interested in having a "who has the best puppet" competition over Facebook/Insta? I'm thinking National Library Week is a good time to have it; I dunno about you, but the stuff we've got on tap for NLW is a bit dry. We did a similar competition with Driftwood Library during Summer Reading many years ago, and it really boosted our social media presences. Lots and lots of clicks.

So if you're reading this and you have a puppet... I'm thinking we each make YouTube videos where our respective puppets give stump speeches about why they should win, then we have a poll on Google Forms. The losing puppets have to make a video of themselves singing a song to the winning puppet. I'm totally open to other ideas, too.

It'd also be funny if one library wanted to make an obviously tossed-off paper bag puppet to run as a dark horse candidate.

Anyway, think about it. Have a puppety day,


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