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Library Journal is offering a course called “Evaluating, Auditing, and Diversifying Your Collections<https://www.libraryjournal.com/?event=evaluating-auditing-and-diversifying-your-collections>” that seems timely and might be a good opportunity for some. If you click on the link, you might have to scroll to see past an ad. And/or, read the info below. The course starts on April 30th.


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From: School Library Journal Events
Sent: Wednesday, March 20, 2019 10:36 AM
To: Jennifer Maurer
Subject: Learn to Conduct a Diversity Audit of Your Collections

Are your collections as diverse, equitable, and inclusive as they could be?

[LJ Professional Development]<http://mediasource.actonservice.com/acton/ct/10574/s-1ea4-1903/Bct/l-0ab5/l-0ab5:240/ct1_0/1?sid=TV2%3AtPFeErOsz>

Evaluating, Auditing, and Diversifying Your Collections
Starting April 30, 2019<http://mediasource.actonservice.com/acton/ct/10574/s-1ea4-1903/Bct/l-0ab5/l-0ab5:240/ct2_0/1?sid=TV2%3AtPFeErOsz>

[Evaluating, Auditing and Diversifying Collections]<http://mediasource.actonservice.com/acton/ct/10574/s-1ea4-1903/Bct/l-0ab5/l-0ab5:240/ct2_1/1?sid=TV2%3AtPFeErOsz>

Do you want to ensure that your library’s collections are diverse, equitable, inclusive—and well-read?
Live Interactive Sessions: Tuesdays: April 30, May 7 & May 14 from 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM ET. Plus, additional self-guided materials and bonus content. Can’t make a live session? No worries. All sessions will be available to you “on-demand” following the initial broadcast.
In this course from Library Journal and School Library Journal, you’ll hear from an outstanding group of experts who will guide you through evaluating books and media with an inclusive lens.
We’ll explore key concepts essential to cultivating and promoting inclusive and equitable collections, such as the experiences of LGBTQIA people, Native people, people of color, people with disabilities, non-binary or gender non-conforming people and ethnic, cultural, and religious minorities.
As part of the course you will conduct a diversity audit and learn how to include diverse books, wider perspectives, #ownvoices, and how to be more responsive to the community you serve.
Evaluating, Auditing, and Diversifying Your Collections<http://mediasource.actonservice.com/acton/ct/10574/s-1ea4-1903/Bct/l-0ab5/l-0ab5:240/ct2_2/1?sid=TV2%3AtPFeErOsz>
Starting April 30

[Learn More]<http://mediasource.actonservice.com/acton/ct/10574/s-1ea4-1903/Bct/l-0ab5/l-0ab5:240/ct2_3/1?sid=TV2%3AtPFeErOsz>

Early Bird Discount!
Register by Friday, April 5 and save 20%

Learning Outcomes:

  *   The ability to assess current library collections, book promotions, and displays through a diverse lens in order to assess gaps in collections and service areas.
  *   An understanding of key diversity and cultural literacy concepts such as white privilege, unconscious bias, cultural appropriation, and intersectionality.
  *   The ability to recognize common problematic stereotypes, tropes, and microaggressions in media.
  *   The ability to assess the diversity and inclusiveness of current collection development and RA practices.
  *   Guidance on planning and executing a diversity audit.
  *   Tools, tips, and advice on how to better diversify collections and displays.
  *   A plan of action to better diversify your library collections and address gap areas that will transform your understanding of your library users and the services you provide.

[Anastasia Collins]<http://mediasource.actonservice.com/acton/ct/10574/s-1ea4-1903/Bct/l-0ab5/l-0ab5:240/ct2_4/1?sid=TV2%3AtPFeErOsz>

Anastasia Collins
Liaison Librarian,
Simmons College Beatley Library (MA)

[Becky Spratford]<http://mediasource.actonservice.com/acton/ct/10574/s-1ea4-1903/Bct/l-0ab5/l-0ab5:240/ct2_5/1?sid=TV2%3AtPFeErOsz>

Becky Spratford
Readers' Advisory Specialist

[Kiera Parrott]<http://mediasource.actonservice.com/acton/ct/10574/s-1ea4-1903/Bct/l-0ab5/l-0ab5:240/ct2_6/1?sid=TV2%3AtPFeErOsz>

Kiera Parrott
Reviews Director, LJ & SLJ

[Jennifer Baker]<http://mediasource.actonservice.com/acton/ct/10574/s-1ea4-1903/Bct/l-0ab5/l-0ab5:240/ct2_7/1?sid=TV2%3AtPFeErOsz>

Jennifer Baker
Writer, Editor, Advocate, and Founder, Minorities in Publishing<http://mediasource.actonservice.com/acton/ct/10574/s-1ea4-1903/Bct/l-0ab5/l-0ab5:240/ct3_0/1?sid=TV2%3AtPFeErOsz> podcast

[Annabelle Mortensen]<http://mediasource.actonservice.com/acton/ct/10574/s-1ea4-1903/Bct/l-0ab5/l-0ab5:240/ct2_8/1?sid=TV2%3AtPFeErOsz>

Annabelle Mortensen
Access Services Manager,
Skokie Public Library (IL)

[Sarah Park Dahlen, Ph.D.]<http://mediasource.actonservice.com/acton/ct/10574/s-1ea4-1903/Bct/l-0ab5/l-0ab5:240/ct2_9/1?sid=TV2%3AtPFeErOsz>

Sarah Park Dahlen, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Master of Library and Information Science Program, St. Catherine University (MN)

[Inspiring Guest Speakers]<http://mediasource.actonservice.com/acton/ct/10574/s-1ea4-1903/Bct/l-0ab5/l-0ab5:240/ct2_10/1?sid=TV2%3AtPFeErOsz>

[Register Now]<http://mediasource.actonservice.com/acton/ct/10574/s-1ea4-1903/Bct/l-0ab5/l-0ab5:240/ct4_0/1?sid=TV2%3AtPFeErOsz>

Discounted group rates are also available!
Please contact us at libraryjournal at edmaker.co <mailto:libraryjournal at edmaker.co?subject=Evaluating,%20Auditing,%20and%20Diversifying%20Your%20Collections%20Group%20Rates>
or call (646) 380-0773 for discounted rates

"The term 'privilege' comes up constantly in discussion of current issues. This course helped clarify what privilege means in the context of library service, and how it impacts our collections and services. Insights gained here will influence my approach to materials selection, marketing strategies, and program offerings in our library. I recommend the course!"
—Ann Cooper
Head Librarian
Fairborn Community Library

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