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Greta Bergquist greta.bergquist at state.or.us
Wed Apr 8 12:44:35 PDT 2020

Hello library folks,

Happy Wednesday! It was good to see some folks yesterday at our online storytime meetup and then our weekly check-in. Here are notes from our check-in<https://docs.google.com/document/d/1JKf5IS476XORCmunpRnm7_fLXcqOfbGj4tj7Gstpdug/edit?usp=sharing>. For next week's Tuesday meetups, at 11 am we'll do a Summer Reading meetup, and at 12 noon we'll do a check-in. I apologize for not recording the online storytime conversation, I will record the summer reading conversation in case you can't make it. The TL:DR for the online storytime conversation is: Consider curating content instead of creating it, don't replicate your entire full length-storytimes online,  talk to Korie B at Newberg, talk to Emily West at North Plains, and see this document here for resources<https://docs.google.com/document/d/10limS43RTEdD6j3ka2o9mQxkNRLET_NpdYdOgTzmnd0/edit?usp=sharing> (new things at the end).

I want to thank you for sharing your time with me and with your colleagues. I continue to be struck by how deeply you all are invested in your communities and how you are doing your best to be present with each other in this challenging time. And I want to highlight this piece of wisdom from Matthew Baiocchi, from Driftwood Public library, in the chat transcript: "I've had to say this to more and more people over the last week or two, so I'm putting it out there for all y'all: You must take care of yourselves. Yes, what you do is important but if you don't take time for yourself you are no longer going to be able to do that important thing well and you will have ruined a pretty groovy person in the process. So gosh darnit all to heck, take some you time. Do good for you so you can do good for others."

Take good care,


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