[kids-lib] Accessibility in Virtual Programming

Bryce Kozla brycek at wccls.org
Wed Apr 15 09:24:56 PDT 2020

During yesterday's statewide youth services meetings, a few people were asking about captions and other ways to make our virtual programming accessible. If you have the capacity, here are a recent and upcoming resource that can help:
"What if Accessibility is a Right, Not a Request?"<https://www.clel.org/single-post/2020/04/07/What-If-Accessibility-is-a-Right-Not-a-Request> by Jessica Frederickson at Colorado Libraries for Early Literacy-- lots of links to resources including creating captions
"Using Your Libraries' Virtual Presence to Reach Users with Disabilities"<http://www.ala.org/asgcla/using-your-librarys-virtual-presence-reach-users-disabilities>, an upcoming webinar with ASGCLA

I know a lot of our conversations around accessibility lately have been around the digital divide due to economic class. It's important to consider, too, that while a large portion of disabled people live close to or below the federal poverty line, devices and Internet access can be huge parts of their world, especially for those who are nonverbal and/or have lived in social isolation for medical or other reasons long before it was A Trend 🙂 I know that I'm personally a part of several online communities where members receive government benefits yet also have regular access to the Internet;it's a lifeline. This is not to say that conversations around the digital divide are not timely and crucial,  but that there is more nuance to picture of economic standing than that.

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