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Karen Fischer KFISCHER at cityofsalem.net
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Hi folks,
Yumi asked me to send this out to Oregon libraries in case you are interested in booking a virtual performance this summer.
Karen Fischer, YS Manager, Salem Public Library
Performer Showcase Coordinator 2020

From Yumi Torimaru with Takohachi:

This video was made specifically for kids program during the COVID-19 pandemic. I believe it will help many families with kids during the difficult time we are experiencing. It is very unique, cultural, entertaining, and educational.

I appreciate your time to consider this video for using libraries' virtual performance programs. Please forward this information to other libraries if you can.

[Youtube video link listed 'unlisted'] https://youtu.be/lVnuJvsEsm0

[Presenter] Kotori Japanese Music - Kids program

[Website or social media address] www.takohachi.org<http://www.takohachi.org/>

[Title of the program] Japanese Culture and Music (lecture and virtual performance with Taiko drums, Bamboo Flute, and Japanese lute (Shamisen))

[Description of the program] In this video, a presenter (Yumi Torimaru) will explain what Culture is, and show virtual Japanese music performances. For keeping kids' attention, Yumi incorporates performances with some games like 'spot the difference' and some quiz. Through this video, kids can learn different Japanese instruments, enjoy music performance, and get exposed to different (Japanese) culture.

[What age groups should attend this program] This show is very entertaining for all ages and demographics. But, the main audience we target is kids from 3yr old to teens.

[How long is this program/performance?] about 20min

[What language(s) is this program presented/performed in?] English

[What is your expected rate of pay for this program/performance?]

The rate for the live performance for this program is $400-600 without travel fees (applies to outside of the Portland metro area). I am flexible for the rate for the virtual video performance using this video. Please negotiate with me with your budget. I am trying to make up a financial loss from all the performance cancelations due to the impact of COVID-19. Since March, loss from the cancelations of shows is coming up $9,000, and unfortunately, it is increasing. I would set the rate with your budget with limited public access to this video through your library website. Anything is helpful with this video project.

Thank you very much for your support.

Yumi Torimaru

Director of Takohachi and Kotori Japanese Music



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Preview YouTube video [Kids Program] Kotori Japanese Music Kids! Vol.1<https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lVnuJvsEsm0&authuser=3>



[Kids Program] Kotori Japanese Music Kids! Vol<https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lVnuJvsEsm0&authuser=3>

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