[kids-lib] Fire-effected libraries

Rob Polivka Rob.Polivka at hillsboro-oregon.gov
Mon Sep 28 16:36:55 PDT 2020

Hello Greta!

The football of staff time help has been kicked around a while from the management here at Hillsboro, but I think that they've agreed to offer help to fire-effected libraries.

I think we can offer things like

Spanish Translation services,
Shared drive space (google) or help with file management
Some help with collections, such as books that would regularly go into our Friends book sale, although this will become a bigger conversation
Small tasks that are eating important staff time, simple logistics, and other things that can be outsourced to our staff here.

Do you have a list of fire-effected libraries that we can contact?  I've been trying to promote the "menu of services" idea rather than asking folks what they need, but our leadership would still like to reach out to some individual libraries. If you don't have that info, you can point me towards the best place to get it.

Thank you!

- Rob
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