[kids-lib] How are you rebuilding? Share your mantra, goal, tips & tricks, etc. by March 1

Katie Anderson katiea at wccls.org
Fri Feb 4 12:27:30 PST 2022

It’s time to put together the 2022 OYAN Review and we’ve decided to take a very different approach as we are starting the third year of a pandemic.

Please fill out this survey<https://forms.gle/msMzzQcoW7qNsAH16> by March 1 to share short, informal info about how you are rebuilding or plan to start rebuilding personally/professional. You may share anonymously.

If you want to know the questions in this survey<https://forms.gle/msMzzQcoW7qNsAH16> before clicking on the link, read on.


We made it to Season 3 of The Pandemic. We are all in different situations personally and professionally. Whatever your situation, you may be able to help your colleagues by sharing how you're rebuilding or your thoughts about starting to rebuild.

How are you rebuilding...

·       Relationships with teen patrons

·       Attendance at teen programs

·       Relationships with schools and teachers

·       Community partnerships

·       With an equity focus

·       Customer service skills with the public

·       Interpersonal skills with co-workers

·       Day to day getting work done for your library or you/your family at home

·       Work-life balance

·       Something else

All of the following questions are optional, including name and library. Answer the questions you want to share about, skip those you don't. All response will be published in the 2022 OYAN Review. View the 2021 OYAN Review at https://oyanpeeps.wordpress.com/2021/03/19/2021-oyan-review-is-now-available/

1.    Your name (skip if you wish to remain anonymous)

2.    Your library (skip if you wish to remain anonymous)

3.    My mantra for rebuilding is...

4.    My short-term goal for rebuilding is...

5.    The tips & tricks helping me rebuild are...

6.    The half-baked idea I have for starting to rebuild in the coming months is...

7.    I'm rebuilding with an equity focus by...

8.    The activity (hobby, wellness practice, favorite work task/project/program, etc) helping me rebuild is...

9.    The organizational tool helping me rebuild is...

10.The _________ helping me rebuild is...

11.Anything else you want to share about your experience rebuilding or plans/thoughts about starting to rebuild?

12.If you would like to share a resource or image, put the URL here or email it to katiea at wccls.org<mailto:katiea at wccls.org>.

Feel free to share by replying to this email instead of filling out the form if you prefer.

Thanks to my co-worker Bryce Kozla for her phrase, “half-baked ideas.”

Katie Anderson (she/her)
Youth Services Librarian
Library & Community Initiatives Team
Washington County Cooperative Library Services<https://www.wccls.org/>
971-358-9359 (New!)
katiea at wccls.org<mailto:katiea at wccls.org>

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