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Hi folks,

I want to update you all about the planning process that Library Support & Development Services here at the State Library of Oregon have been going through. This message includes information on the draft strategic direction our division will take in 2023-27, and it also includes links to the evaluation that many of you so kindly engaged with to help inform us on that direction.

Draft priorities and objectives for next five years
After receiving many fantastic comments from the Oregon Library community through various evaluation channels, we have arrived at a draft set of priorities and objectives that will help direct our work and funding from 2023-27, particularly the federal monies we receive through the Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) program from the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS). We believe these priorities and objectives speak to what you told us and help focus time and resources where they're needed most.

As a sneak peak, here are our five top-level priorities, as expressed through our vision of the great work that libraries can do.

*         Oregon libraries break down systemic barriers.

*         Oregon libraries close the digital divide.

*         Oregon libraries support students, youth, and lifelong learners.

*         Oregon libraries build relationships to foster community.

*         Oregon libraries have the training and resources they need.

Here's the full list of priorities and objectives

*         Draft 2023-27 Priorities and Objectives
The draft includes the five top-level priorities, three objectives under each priority, and example activities, partners, and grant projects that may be a part of those objectives. This document will be a living one, so it will adapt, especially the activities and grant projects, as Oregon libraries' needs change. Please know that this document is not inclusive of all the behind-the-scenes work we know we have to do, based on all your feedback. That's part of our plans, too!

We would love your comments or questions on this draft. Specifically, we'd like to hear if these broad priorities and objectives are generally the direction you'd like to see us go. Please feel free to email your thoughts directly to me.

Our LSTA Advisory Council<https://www.oregon.gov/library/libraries/Pages/lstaac.aspx> will review the priorities and objectives at their meeting next week. Final approval for the 2023-27 LSTA Plan will happen at the State Library Board meeting<https://www.oregon.gov/library/operations/Pages/Library-Board.aspx> in June.

There's also some additional documentation required by our federal funders that we'll put into the plan. We'll share that fuller version of the plan with you once it's completed.

Results of LSTA evaluation
Thank you to all of you who contributed to our recent LSTA evaluation process, whether that was in a survey, a town hall, an interview/focus group, or just a conversation with one of us. We were overwhelmed (in a good way) by all the feedback and feel that y'all gave us clear messages on where you'd like us to prioritize our work, as evidenced in the draft priorities and objectives above.

The evaluation was conducted by Stephanie Chase and Judah Hamer of the library consulting firm Constructive Disruption. The evaluation is in two parts. One part is backward-looking at our programs and services. This portion of the report includes content required by our federal funder, IMLS, so if some of it seems curious, that may be why. However, it includes a lot of good information on your thoughts on how we're doing. The second part is focused on the future and your recommendations going forward as we continue our work supporting libraries and library workers. Here are links to both portions:

*         LSTA 2018-22 Five-Year Plan Evaluation

*         Futures Report

If you have questions about either of these reports, please don't hesitate to ask.

Again, thank you for your feedback and support as we work to determine how to best serve all of you. I think I speak for all the Library Support & Development Services staff in saying that we are very excited at the clear directions you've given us, and we're eager to get started in this work.


Buzzy Nielsen, MPP, MSI (he/him/his)
Program Manager, Library Support & Development Services
State Library of Oregon
buzzy.nielsen at slo.oregon.gov | 971-375-3486
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[Logo for the Library Support & Development Services division at the State Library of Oregon]<http://www.oregon.gov/library/libraries>

LSTA Five-Year Plan (2018-2022) - Evaluation (https://libguides.osl.state.or.us/ld.php?content_id=66791963)
LSTA Five-Year Plan (2018-2022) - Futures Report (https://libguides.osl.state.or.us/ld.php?content_id=66792240)
LSTA Five-Year Plan (2023-2027) - Priorities & Objectives - DRAFT (https://libguides.osl.state.or.us/ld.php?content_id=66799277)
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