[Or-srp] SRP reminder #3: Order sweepstakes material, print certificates, order free summer lunch bookmarks, and more!

Katie Anderson katie.anderson at state.or.us
Wed Aug 2 09:24:09 PDT 2017

Summer reading is winding down. The link to the summer reading statistical survey will be sent to summer reading key contacts the first week in September and will be do the last Friday in September. Please work with your library's summer reading key contact to make sure they have all the statistics they need to fill out the form.

Don't forget...

*         Contact Kathy Griffin (KGriffin at tiaa.org<mailto:KGriffin at tiaa.org>) to order more Read a Book Save for College materials for the summer reading sweepstakes<http://www.oregon.gov/osl/LD/Pages/youthsvcs/summerreading/sweepstakes.aspx>. A partnership with the Oregon College Savings Plan, Oregon State Library, and Oregon Library Association's Children's Services Division (CSD) and Oregon Young Adult Network (OYAN).

o   2,738 children and teens have entered the sweepstakes to date. We're a little behind compared to last year. Please contact Kathy Griffin if you need more entry forms.

*         Contact Cathy Brock (cathy.brock at state.or.us<mailto:cathy.brock at state.or.us>) to order more free summer lunch bookmarks. Only about 1 in 5 students who eat free or reduced meals during the school year also eat free lunch in the summer. Hunger negatively impacts learning and behavior so please help children and teens find free summer lunch sites<http://www.summerfoodoregon.org/>! A partnership with the Oregon State Library and Oregon Department of Education's Summer Food Service Program.

o   29 public libraries are known to be food sites this summer, and two of these libraries are also sponsors!

o   At the bottom of this email is a list of libraries known to be food sites. If your library is a food site and is NOT on the list below, please reply to let me know. Cathy Brock and I are trying to get better data than we've had in the past!

*         Download and print summer reading certificates<http://www.oregon.gov/osl/LD/Pages/youthsvcs/SRP/Certificates.aspx> from the State Library's webpage. The children, teen, and adults certificates are in full color, and the all-ages certificate is black and white. The children, adult, and all-ages certificates are bilingual. A partnership with the Oregon State Library, CSD, and OYAN.

*         For your readers who are print-disabled, borrowing books in accessible formats is easy.  Fill out an application for service<http://www.oregon.gov/osl/TalkingBooks/Pages/registration.aspx#Applications> for the patron and sign the back page for them.  Once that application is received by the Oregon Talking Book and Braille Library they will handle setting your patron up with plenty of titles in audio or Braille format. Print disabilities include, but are not limited to vision impairment, blindness, physical disabilities, or learning disabilities.

*         Watch AM Northwest! KATU is promoting summer reading<http://katu.com/station/contests/read-a-book> at public libraries and Read a Book Save for College with four AM Northwest spots, lots of commercials, and a summer reading webpage. Sponsored by the Oregon College Savings Plan, and in partnership with the State Library, CSD, and OYAN.

o   Watch Michael Parker<http://katu.com/amnw/am-northwest-lifestyle-health/read-a-book-save-for-college-build-a-better-world-summer-reading-giveaway> from the Oregon College Savings Plan on  AM Northwest.

o   Watch Michael Parker and me<http://katu.com/amnw/am-northwest-lifestyle-health/read-a-book-save-for-college-build-a-better-world-summer-reading-giveaway-oregon-col> promote summer reading on AM Northwest! The host didn't ask me for book recommendations after all, but I'll send out the list of those your recommended by the end of this week.

*         Oregon libraries that serve fewer than 10,000 people have already booked one free summer reading performer to promote summer reading and Read a Book Save for College. That's 51% of Oregon public libraries! Sponsored by the Oregon College Savings Plan, and in partnership with the State Library, CSD, and OYAN.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Enjoy the last days of summer!

PS: This is the last summer reading reminder.

Katie Anderson
Youth Services Consultant
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These are the libraries known to be food sites. If your library is a food site and is NOT on the list below, please reply to let me know. Cathy Brock and I are trying to get better data than we've had in the past!

1.      Canby Public Library

2.      City Library (Jefferson)

3.      Coquille Library

4.      Corvallis Public Library

5.      Estacada Skate Park/Library

6.      Haines Library

7.      Keno Library

8.      Klamath County Library

9.      Lebanon Library

10.  Ledding Library

11.  Malin Library

12.  McMinnville Public Library

13.  Multnomah Co. Library- Gresham

14.  Multnomah Co. Library- Midland

15.  Multnomah Co. Library-Rockwood

16.  Myrtle Point Library

17.  Newberg Public Library

18.  Oak Lodge Library

19.  Old Hammond Library

20.  Philomath City Library

21.  Powers Library

22.  Redmond Library

23.  Siuslaw Public Library

24.  South Branch Klamath Library

25.  Springfield Library

26.  Tillamook Public Library

27.  Toledo Public Library

28.  Tualatin Public Library

29.  Warrenton Library

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