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[https://www.cslpreads.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/CSLP-Newsletter-Logo.jpg]<https://www.cslpreads.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/CSLP-Newsletter-Logo.jpg>November 2017
September: 2018 Manuals are sent to the printers

2018 Manuals have shipped!

January: Happy New Year 2018!

February: Calls for future slogans will go out

2018 CSLP Annual meeting: April 8th – 12th. Denver, CO

The 2018 Incentive catalog is live! Check it out today at shopcslp.com<http://www.shopcslp.com>!

Announcing the 2018 Summer Reading Champion: Secret Agent 23 Skidoo!


Secret Agent 23 Skidoo is a Grammy winning, internationally touring, purple velvet tuxedo wearing family funk phenomenon. Combining the positive, primal power of hip hop with the surreal storytelling of science fiction, 23 Skidoo has concocted a potent potion that wows family crowds across the planet.

The ingredients of his magic spells include reverence for the boundless mind states of young children, respect for the culture and DNA of hip hop, funk and soul music, and a deep belief in the power of the imagination to change the world in positive ways, both personal and universal.

If you can imagine a band with Jim Henson on guitar, Shel Silverstein on bass and PIXAR as the lead vocalist, you’ve pretty much got it. And if George Clinton and Q Tip stopped by the party, that might clarify things even more. Basically, if Dr. Seuss and Dr. Dre had a baby, it would be the music of Secret Agent 23 Skidoo. Nuff said.

The (Official) Move to One Slogan!

Over the past few program years CSLP State Representatives have voted to use one slogan for all age groups at the annual meeting. This October, a survey was sent out to the State Representatives asking them to seek input from their constituents, and vote on officially moving to one slogan for future program years. The survey had a 74% response rate, and unanimously approved the move to one slogan!

Formally moving to one slogan creates a lot of opportunities for our member libraries. For one, it allows libraries to have a more branded/streamlined marketing campaign. The one slogan also allows CSLP to use the same chapter headings across the different manuals, making multi-age, or family programming much easier.

Turn the Page KC!

Turn the Page KC<http://turnthepagekc.org/> works closely with community partners to ensure that K-3 students begin their next school year in the best position to succeed.

Every June, Turn the Page KC sheds light on summer learning by hosting a summer kick-off aligned with the national Collaborative Summer Library Program.


This celebration is attended by over 1,000 elementary school students, parents, and community leaders in Kansas City, Missouri. In 2015, students dressed as Superheroes and read “Superhero ABC,” in 2016, students had the opportunity to meet high school and college athletes, and this summer, students were introduced to various STEAM skills.


Community leaders are excited and already planning for 2018’s celebration!

[https://www.cslpreads.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/turnthepagekc3.jpg]Did you have a program that helped “Build a Better World”? Please send your photos and any informative details to Luke Kralik at: luke.kralik at cslpreads.org<mailto:luke.kralik at cslpreads.org> I would love to share them in our newsletter.

Looking for some ideas to use or share? https://www.pinterest.com/cslpreads/

2018 CSLP Annual Meeting

by Karen Day

[https://www.cslpreads.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/karen_new2017.jpg]The 2018 CSLP Annual Meeting will be held the week of April 9, 2018. The event will be held at The Westin Denver Downtown in the heart of the city. The travel day will be Monday, April 9 with a President’s Reception and Orientation on Monday evening. The meeting will begin with breakfast on Tuesday, April 10 and conclude at 3:00 pm on Thursday, April 12th. This is a change from the past few years as one day has been added to the meeting time.

Registration and travel information will be e-mailed to the State Representative mail list and posted on the CSLP website in December with a registration deadline of March 1, 2018. CSLP will again pay for one lodging room per state for up to four nights, will pay for meals for up to two persons per state, and will reimburse up to $700 travel expenses for one person per state. All expenses must have receipts of actual expenses to be reimbursed.

The final agenda will be posted soon however we wanted to give a heads up on the travel and meeting times and dates so you can begin planning. State Representatives be present at this meeting and any additional persons from a state are invited at the invitation of the State Rep.

2018 CSLP Program Manuals

By now, all CSLP State Representatives should have received the 2018 manual shipments at the designated drop ship points. The manuals are distributed within the state by different methods. If you have not received your 2018 manual, please first check with your state rep to see when they will be distributed within your state.

Remember that all formats of the manual are given online access however also remember that all formats are still available if you need a second copy by purchasing through the CSLP shopping cart. To access the shopping cart, you first need to be logged into the CSLP website. If you need assistance with your log in process, please contact the CSLP offices. Once you are logged into the site, you will click on the SHOP button on the top tool bar. This takes you to our e-commerce page where you will need your shopping login. This may or may not be the same log in as this is a separate website and it depends on how you set your account up. If you have problems, please call the CSLP offices for assistance.

You may also go directly to the shopping page by entering: https://shopcslp.com
Manuals can be found in the shopping area of under Programming, Promotion & Décor > Programming & Promotion > Program Manual.

If you are wanting the online access to compliment your other materials, remember you need to first obtain the 2018 online access code. This procedure only needs to be completed once, per library building. The code may be shared among the staff members within a building.
Remember the online manual has a new searchable feature this year.

We do need to report that we have discovered that a few of the USB drives are defective. If you find that you have a defective product, please contact the CSLP office and a replacement will be sent out right away.

The Online Manual: Pro Tips from an Amateur

by Luke Kralik


In my library career I have led plenty of songs, have overused glitter, and have assisted children in making crafts only their mothers could love. However, I have always worked with more experienced librarians or teachers, and relied on them to actually choose the programming activities. Because of this, I am not especially qualified to describe what the perfect programming selection tool looks like.

This is where you come in!

As we roll out our new online manual, we need your feedback on what is working, what isn’t, and what can be better.

One very useful suggestion I have already received was to make downloading the images easier and quicker. Instead of downloading each image one at a time, we have grouped them into zip files. To download them in a batch, simply scroll down on the right-sidebar to where you can choose Filetype, and put a check in the box labeled zip. There are eight art collections available, and they contain all of the artwork.

We all want CSLP to produce the most useful, and user friendly program manual! Please send me your feedback, so that we can make the improvements you would like to see.

Thank you!

luke.kralik at cslpreads.org<mailto:luke.kralik at cslpreads.org>


Spotlight on a Reading Superstar!

When she was a child, Kaya Thomas’ parents took her to Barnes and Noble each week and would buy her two books. Often, Kaya would seek out book containing characters who looked like her.

Kaya, who is African-American, often struggled to find books with African-American protagonists. Once she was in high school, even when she was able to find books, they often featured characters who had no relation to her life. She said “The stories tended to be about young girls getting pregnant, dropping out of school, doing drugs—and don’t get me wrong, those are realities for people, even in my own family. But they weren’t my reality.”

To help young readers avoid this situation, Kaya created the We Read Too<https://kmt901.github.io/we-read-too.html> app for iPhone and Android devices. The app helps connect readers with books by people of color, that have people of color as the main characters.

If there a young reader making a big difference in your state, please let us know! We would love to share these inspirational stories with the entire CSLP membership!

Please send information to: luke.kralik at cslpreads.org<mailto:luke.kralik at cslpreads.org>

What is on the horizon for CSLP?

2018: Theme/Music; Slogan/”Libraries Rock”; Artist/Brian Pinkney

2019: Theme/Space; Slogan/”A Universe of Stories” Artist/Leeza Hernandez

2020: Theme/Fairytales, Mythology, Fantasy; Artist/LeUyen Pham

2021: Theme/To be Determined; Artist/Salina Yoon

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