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Hi folks,

I've gotten more than a few questions about the statistics slides<https://drive.google.com/file/d/118D_D96DqIwgTfQREI8oEJnobZhDW2ve/view?usp=sharing> and wanted to add some context for folks who weren't able to make it to the February 23rd meeting. (Which I totally understand, no worries!) If you feel it would be helpful, please share this with anyone at your library who is also involved with summer reading. Thanks!

You may remember this questions from previous summer reading surveys (the survey that goes out to all public libraries in September): Everyone tracks different reading goals and this year may have changed what you had participants work towards. Fill in the data your library collected about Summer Reading goals. Fill out ONLY the boxes for the numbers you tracked. Example: My library tracks the number of hours kids read. 40 kids each read a total of 10 hours. I would enter "400" in the Kids # of Hours Read box.


  *   Kids # of Books Read
  *   Teens # of Books Read
  *   Adults # of Books Read
  *   Kids # of Hours Read (if used minutes, convert here to hours)
  *   Teens # of Hours Read (if used minutes, convert here to hours)
  *   Adults # of Hours Read (if used minutes, convert here to hours)
  *   Kids # of Days Read
  *   Teens # of Days Read
  *   Adults # of Days Read

We are changing this question to (draft):

Please share any data your library collected about Summer Reading goals and how much time participants spent reading.

Answer Choices:

  *   Kids # of Hours Read (if used minutes, convert here to hours)
  *   Teens # of Hours Read (if used minutes, convert here to hours)
  *   Adults # of Hours Read (if used minutes, convert here to hours)

Moving forward, we would like to have one statistic to share a picture of how summer reading impacts kids' and teens' literacy in libraries across Oregon. We believe this particular approach will help us get at how libraries are supporting literacy in their communities. It's very hard to capture the work libraries do supporting kids in one particular number, and we don't yet have a perfect way of doing so. This is not perfect either, it's just one way we are moving forward with to try to better capture the work.

Approximately 70% of Oregon libraries are already tracking the amount of time kids read, so for many of you this is not a big deal. I understand that this impacts the 30% of libraries who were tracking success based on how many books kids read or how many days kids read. I also understand we are in challenging circumstances, may have different staffing configurations, and our programming looks much different than previous summers. We are looking at this data collectively, not individually. Whatever the data you add to the group, it will be helpful. As in previous years, is there is a question you don't have data for, leave that question blank and move onto questions you can answer.

Please let me and your Summer Reading reps know as further questions come up, we are happy to help with summer reading as much as we can!


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