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Oregon Tracking Releases Phase 1 of Environmental Justice Indicators:


Demographic Indicators are now available on Oregon Tracking's data portal<http://epht.oregon.gov/Index.aspx>. These indicators are the first phase in Oregon Tracking's new Environmental Justice content area. The second phase will include Community Design Indicators and is expected to launch in 2014. Oregon Tracking will use measures of community design and demographics to further examine health outcomes and health disparities in Oregon.

Phase 1: Demographic Indicators:

*         Age, Sex, Race & Ethnicity

*         Economic Status

*         Educational Attainment

*         Family Composition

*         Language

*         Population

Demographic Indicators at the census tract, county and state level provide important context for understanding the burden of disease and threats to human health, especially among vulnerable populations. Oregon Tracking's age, sex, race and ethnicity data can be used to compare populations throughout the state, calculate age-specific disease rates and identify groups at risk for disease. Economic Status measures provide measures on income, poverty and public assistance as well as housing measures, including the percentage of owners verses renters and median home value. Educational Attainment is associated with health behaviors, access to care and health outcomes.  Language measures provide information on those who do not speak English well or at all and are therefore especially vulnerable to encountering barriers in receiving care and are at risk for health hazards because they are not as capable of advocating for themselves. Family Composition measures for children and the elderly indicate social support which is associated with health outcomes. Population measures about where people live and work can identify populations that may be affected by environmental hazards.

Phase 2 Community Design Indicators (coming 2014):

*         Alcohol, food and tobacco availability

*         Housing

*         Recreation

*         Transportation

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