[Safe_schools] Yesterday's REMS Training

MCKENNA Bryce - ODE bryce.mckenna at state.or.us
Fri Jun 14 13:08:15 PDT 2019

Good afternoon, everyone.

This is just a quick follow-up from the REMS training event yesterday.  Jeremy and I would both like to thank you for your attendance and participation.  We had a good turn-out and diverse group.

Yesterday's event was primarily intended to ensure our steering committee members get more familiar with the REMS tools and the fundamental processes for the development of school emergency operations plans.  It was not intended to be a deep-dive.  The training we will be delivering to our schools and school districts will be deeper, more involved, and will include more practical application.

A side benefit, but equally important component, of yesterday's session was the opportunity to network with representatives of agencies that are in different levels of maturity with emergency operations planning.  Though ODE will be partnering with ESDs to deliver training, many areas are way ahead of the curve on this work and will actually be able to provide tremendous examples, lessons learned, and best practices for other areas to replicate.  We had a few of those people with us yesterday and will certainly be looking to leverage their expertise as we move forward.

Thanks again, and we look forward to continuing this work with you all over the next four years.

Bryce A. McKenna

Emergency Management Director

Oregon Dept. of Education, Office of Student Services


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