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MaryKay Dahlgreen marykay.dahlgreen at state.or.us
Fri Jun 1 16:27:32 PDT 2012

Hello all-

I want to share couple of things that have occurred recently that I think will be of interest to you.  In the 2012 Legislative Session held during Feburary 2012 the Legislature agreed upon a general plan for covering the $28 million budget shortfall in the 2011-2013 state budget. We were told that we would need to reduce our general fund expenditures by $19,886. In March and April the Legislative Fiscal Office (LFO), in cooperation with the Governor's Office and the Department of Administrative Services (DAS), began working on a specific reduction plan. We were instructed that the reduction should come from management service. The final outcome of the discussions was that the LFO recommended to the Emergency Board, which met on May 23rd and voted in agreement, that the State Library would eliminate our Library Development Program Manager position (currently vacant), eliminate our Human Resources Manager and contract with DAS for HR services, and move a librarian position from Government Research Services to Library Development.

The impact of this decision is that our TBABS manager, Susan Westin, will become the manager of Library Development services as well. The librarian position that is being moved from GRS to LD will become the key contact on the Statewide Database Licensing Program and the Libraries of Oregon project, in addition to the inevitable "other duties as assigned" We will not be able to make this change until July but are working on a plan and process for that move. I will remain very involved with libraries and the development of libraries. I believe that one of my primary tasks is interacting with libraries, communities and policy makers and once the dust has settled (which I have complete confidence will happen...) I hope to visit your library.

OSL has  a great staff and a great Library Board, the Oregon library community is one of (or perhaps the) best library community in the country. Thanks for all your help and support; past, present and future.


MaryKay Dahlgreen
State Librarian
Oregon State Library
marykay.dahlgreen at state.or.us

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