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MaryKay Dahlgreen marykay.dahlgreen at state.or.us
Tue Jul 26 15:14:00 PDT 2016

As you are probably aware, Answerland service has been unavailable since July 1 due to the software transition. Based on the number of implementation tasks and the available training schedule, we have made the decision to delay re-activating the statewide service until Monday, October 3rd. At that time, we expect to have Oregon library staff and volunteers staffing the statewide service in addition to libraries being able to provide local service to their own patrons.

While we realize that this is inconvenient for many libraries, we want to do everything possible to implement a successful re-launch of Answerland. Delaying the launch of the new software is the best approach to ensuring we are bringing up a stable, high-quality service staffed by librarians and volunteers who are confident in using the new software to answer our patrons questions.

During the statewide service downtime, current Answerland partner libraries are welcome to use the new software to chat with their own patrons. Please send an email to answer.land at state.or.us<mailto:answer.land at state.or.us> and include your full contact information (name, library name, contact email and phone number) if you are a current Answerland partner library and would like to activate your local service before October 3rd.

In support of the re-launch in October, we will provide promotional and marketing materials to libraries so you can spread the word to your patrons once the service is back. Additional information on how to receive promotional materials will be announced in September.

We appreciate your continued patience during this transition and are looking forward to a successful statewide re-launch in October.

MaryKay Dahlgreen
Oregon State Librarian
marykay.dahlgreen at state.or.us

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