[TL-Directors] [Libs-Or] State Library Strategic Plan

Jennifer Patterson Jennifer.L.Patterson at state.or.us
Wed Sep 9 12:47:03 PDT 2020

Hi Holly,
Thank you for your questions. The strategic plan stakeholder engagement happened last fall and winter and included engagement with the following groups:

·       OLA Executive Board meeting

·       OASL (Oregon Association of School Libraries) conference

·       OCCLA (Oregon Community College Library Association) meeting

·       Commission for the Blind survey

·       DIGOR (Documents Interest Group of Oregon) meeting

·       Government Services Advisory Council meeting

·       State agency directors survey

·       Oregon Heritage Commission meeting

·       Department of Education meetings

·       REFORMA meeting

·       SOLF (Southern Oregon Library Federation) meeting

·       American Council of the Blind and National Federation of the Blind meetings

The engagement consisted of learning more about the interests and needs of our various customers and stakeholders. In addition we reviewed and analyzed data that we had from our annual customer satisfaction surveys. We then took information that we gathered from stakeholders and staff and worked with the State Library Board to draft the actual plan. The board reviewed a draft at their March meeting and then approved at their April meeting.

One of the most common things we heard as we met with stakeholders was a need for additional continuing education opportunities as well as support for staff attendance at various conferences. Based on this feedback, improving the State Library’s continuing education program for library staff across Oregon through programming that is relevant and responsive to user needs is one of our top priorities and we have budgeted $10,000 to support attendance at the REFORMA National Conference in 2021. We will be conducting a needs assessment to determine the priorities for continuing education, and based on the previous engagement with stakeholders, it is likely that learning opportunities related to antiracist practices, equity, diversity, and inclusion will be one of the top priorities. This also aligns with the OLA EDI Taskforce recommendations and we look forward to partnering with OLA on this where it makes sense to do so.

The external environment shifted so rapidly since the time that our strategic plan was adopted, we know that what is going to be most critical going forward is to remain as flexible and responsive to shifting needs and priorities as possible and we look forward to further engagement with the Oregon library community as we begin implementing priority initiatives and pivoting as needed.


Jennifer Patterson
State Librarian
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[Title: State Library of Oregon]

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Thanks for bringing that up, Max.

Jennifer, I am curious who the stakeholders were who participated in the development of the strategic plan. Were any BIPOC included in the process?

I would love to see the state library lead library workers across the state in striving to become antiracist.

Holly Campbell-Polivka
Youth Services Librarian
Tigard Public Library
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Dear State Library,

It makes me sad that neither the words antiracist, nor anti-oppression are not used in your strategic plan.

The EDI statement looks like it could have been written in 1992...

What is an equity lens anyway?

Thank you for your work on this, but I expected a more dynamic statement on anti-racism and anti-oppression in your strategic plan.


Max Macias

On Fri, Sep 4, 2020 at 2:55 PM Jennifer Patterson via Libs-Or <libs-or at omls.oregon.gov<mailto:libs-or at omls.oregon.gov>> wrote:
Good afternoon,
I am pleased to share the State Library’s 2020 – 2023 strategic plan<https://us-west-2.protection.sophos.com?d=oregon.gov&u=aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cub3JlZ29uLmdvdi9saWJyYXJ5L29wZXJhdGlvbnMvRG9jdW1lbnRzL1N0YXRlJTIwTGlicmFyeSUyMFN0cmF0ZWdpYyUyMFBsYW4lMjAtJTIwZnVsbCUyMHZlcnNpb24ucGRm&e=aG9sbHljQHRpZ2FyZC1vci5nb3Y=&t=WFVaSkptSGM3Nyt4THByTjhkSjFLVWNhSWl6ZWxYWEZhZHlyR2ZTbGJyaz0=&h=7fde5886fb1047b3ac1481db44893eed>. This plan is the culmination of a planning process that began last August and included engagement with stakeholders and staff to determine needs and interests. A new vision and mission along with updated values<https://us-west-2.protection.sophos.com?d=oregon.gov&u=aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cub3JlZ29uLmdvdi9saWJyYXJ5L29wZXJhdGlvbnMvUGFnZXMvTWlzc2lvbi1WYWx1ZXMuYXNweA==&e=aG9sbHljQHRpZ2FyZC1vci5nb3Y=&t=WkZpeGg1ckp2QjlkK1ZVWGczT0g2R1FCWUUraS9xMEQyeXFNWE5Zc3puMD0=&h=7fde5886fb1047b3ac1481db44893eed> will center the State Library’s focus and work in the coming years. Adopted by the State Library Board in April just as the COVID-19 pandemic began having widespread impacts throughout Oregon, it is certain that needs and priorities will emerge as the impacts of the pandemic continue to become more fully known and experienced. Given the timing of the adoption of the plan, we spent some time over the past few months to review and prioritize the plan initiatives. Based on what we know at this time about the needs of our users and communities, these are the highest priority initiatives:

  *   Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion: Host trainings and establish resources that support State Library staff in developing, building, and utilizing EDI competencies. Develop and implement an equity lens for State Library use in reviewing and creating policies, programs, and services that remove barriers and address potential bias.
  *   Workforce Recovery and Development: Develop strategies and initiatives to assist libraries as they enhance and grow workforce development programming and activities. Work with state and regional workforce development agencies and organizations to identify collaborative opportunities with local libraries.
  *   Continuing Education for the Library Community: Improve the State Library’s continuing education program for library staff across Oregon through programming that is relevant and responsive to user needs.
  *   Talking Book and Braille Library Service Enhancement: Expand title selection and reduce wait times for Talking Book and Braille Library users by implementing the Duplication On-Demand service model.
  *   Service to State Employees: Enhance the user experience for state employees and the Legislature by upgrading the State Library’s account management and related systems. Migrate the Government Services patron database from its legacy platform to a sustainable integrated system.
We look forward to engaging with the library community as we move these and the rest of our strategic plan initiatives forward over the next few years. Please contact me with any thoughts or questions.


Jennifer Patterson
State Librarian
Pronouns: she/her/hers
jennifer.l.patterson at state.or.us<mailto:jennifer.l.patterson at state.or.us>
Office: 503-378-4367 | Cell: 971-375-2713
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[Title: State Library of Oregon]


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