[AL-Directors] Books-for-China Project: Please Read

Jim Scheppke jim.b.scheppke at state.or.us
Wed Feb 11 14:06:31 PST 2009

February 11, 2009
Dear Oregon Library Director,
I would like to invite your library to be part of an exciting goodwill
project between Oregon and our sister province of Fujian.  We have an
opportunity to ship much-needed English language books to China in a special
arrangement coordinated by the Oregon State Library and the Oregon Library
Association¹s International Relations Round Table.
It is extremely difficult for Chinese libraries to purchase English language
books.  Without an import license, they cannot buy books directly from
overseas sources; they cannot freely convert Chinese Yuan to foreign
currency to pay foreign vendors; and the value of Chinese Yuan is many times
less than U.S. dollars.  Academic libraries in China would like to fill gaps
in their collections with American publications, but many titles are
out-of-print.  Public libraries would like to support English-language
learning in children and young adults, yet cannot buy the desired books from
overseas.  With help from you and the Books-For-China Fund in New York, we
can have a positive impact on the situation with very little expense to
Oregon libraries.  
Our goal is to fill a shipping container with good condition, quality books
in the areas of science and technology, humanities and social sciences
(titles older than 5 years in these areas are still okay), and books for
children and young adults. Public libraries are encouraged to send fiction
materials as well as nonfiction that is not outdated even though it is not
considered to be "academic" level material. Books may be gathered from
sources other than libraries (personal collections, book sale donations,
etc.). Multiple copies are fine, but please do not use this project for
advocacy of any particular agenda (political, religious, etc.).  Please also
understand that Chinese libraries are much more conservative in the
materials they collect so we ask that you not donate books that include
sexually graphic text or images. Also, please do not send outdated software
manuals or materials of an ephemeral nature. The books will be shipped later
this year, and distributed to academic and public libraries throughout
The Oregon State Library (OSL) is the Books-for-China collection site.  If
your library has access to a van or truck, please transport your books to
OSL yourself if possible. You may deliver books to OSL Monday through Friday
between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. (Please call ahead if you are delivering a large
shipment.)  For questions about delivering books to OSL, please call Joel
Henderson at OSL, 503-378-2814. You may also ship books to:
            Oregon State Library
            Books-for-China Project
            250 Winter Street NE
            Salem, OR  97301-3950
You may also send small shipments through the Orbis Cascade Alliance
Courier.  Please limit boxes to 1 cubic foot (such as a 19x15x6 standard
Baker & Taylor box) and 35 pounds if shipping via the courier. (If
delivering books on your own, boxes may be larger, but please not heavier.)
There are also limits on the number of boxes you can ship by the courier, so
please contact Teresa Landers, Corvallis-Benton County Public Library,
541-766-6995 if you want to use this method.
Please help us reach our goal of sending 1,000 boxes. If every small library
in the state sent 4 boxes, every medium-sized library 6 boxes, and large
libraries 15 boxes, we would fill the container!
Thank you for being part of this exciting international goodwill
Jim Scheppke
State Librarian

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