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Professional Development Opportunity - Get Published!


Do you have an opinion or expertise on the evolution of library catalogs
and the trend towards 2.0 or NextGen versions? Write an article for the
OLA Quarterly! The Spring 2009 issue will be focused around this theme
and offers you a chance to gain writing experience while making a
contribution to the Oregon library community. Articles do not have to be
long - they can be as short as 500-1000 words! Take this opportunity to
voice your opinion on how changes in this key tool are changing the face
of our work. 


Possible ideas for articles could include, but are not limited to:

*         A range of views and examples of library catalogs that answer
the "why can't you be more like Amazon?" challenge.  

*         A "MARC format must die!" opinion piece. 

*         Next generation catalogs and coming changes - Worldcat
Navigator and similar changes in the public library realm. 

*         Survey of efforts in our region to move to newer catalogs. 

*         History of the catalog since the advent of the Web in the

*         Comparing results from usability tests of online catalogs.

*         A descriptive essay from a "user on the street" about the
wonders and perils of searching a library catalog.


This issue will be guest edited by Laura Zeigen, but a co-editor from
the public library realm is being sought. If you are interested in
contributing an article or serving as a co-editor, please contact Laura
Zeigen by November 7th at zeigenl at ohsu.edu or 503-494-0505. Instructions
for Authors can be found at:



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