[Libs-Or] Updated list of ALA Council Candidates 2009 from the Feminist Task Force

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[Updated version 4/7/09]

Remember to vote by April 24, 2009!

ALA Council Candidates - 2009

For a few years now I have been putting together a list of ALA Council
candidates for the SRRT Feminist Task Force (FTF) and shared it with others
-- here it is again.  The list is based on the affiliations candidates put
in their statements. This is not an endorsement of any candidates.
This list includes candidates who state that they are members of FTF, SRRT,

I may have missed some of the candidates because my eyes blurred a bit
scanning the statements and the many acronyms.  If I left you or someone
else who should have been on this list off please let me know and I will
send out an updated list in the very near future.

Please read the candidates statements before voting so that you will know
more about them and will really be voting for someone that you want to serve
on ALA Council.  You do not need to vote for 34 people.  In fact, your vote
is stronger if you only vote for a few people; those that you really want to
serve on ALA Council.

ALA Council Candidates

Rose Albritton:  BCALA
Jose Aponte:  REFORMA
Mario A. Ascencio:  REFORMA, GLBTRT
Valerie Bell:  BCALA
Thaddeus P. Bejnar:  APALA, REFORMA
Bart Birdsall:  GLBTRT
Brett Bonfield:  SRRT
Michael Golrick:  BCALA
Mario M. Gonzalez:  SRRT, REFORMA
Alys Jordan:  BCALA
Alfred Kagan:  SRRT, BCALA
Johan Koren: AILA
Peter McDonald:  SRRT
Michael J. Miller:  GLBTRT, SRRT
Leslie Monsalve-Jones:  AILA, REFORMA
Virginia B. (Ginny) Moore:  SRRT, BCALA
Eva D. Poole:  BCALA
James Teliha:  GLBTRT
Bill Turner:  SRRT
Kelvin Watson:  BCALA
Shixing Wen:  CALA
Diana Yuhfen Wu:  CALA

Have fun voting!

[This list may also be found at http://ftfinfo.wikispaces.com/ALA+Council ]

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Diedre Conkling
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