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*CPSC Issues Rule Regarding Lead Standards; More Guidance To Come for 


As the American Library Association (ALA) has emphasized since first 
enactment of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA), 
concern for children's safety is our first priority in providing 
materials to young patrons.  On August 26, 2009, the CPSC's final rule 
on children's products containing lead was released.  *In the rule, CPSC 
confirmed that libraries have no independent obligation to test library 
books for lead under the law.*  CPSC also announced its intention to 
release a Statement of Policy specifically providing guidance for 
libraries with regard to the treatment of older children's books that 
could potentially contain lead.  According to our conversations with 
CPSC officials, that Statement of Policy should be released within the 
next several weeks. 


While we await the Statement of Policy, ALA recommends that libraries 
take the following actions.  If a library is aware that any children's 
book does indeed contain lead above the legal limits or otherwise 
presents a danger to children, it should remove it from public access, 
for instance by moving it to the non-circulating collection.  We would 
also ask that if libraries do learn of any books containing lead to 
please let the ALA -- Washington Office know so that we might  share 
that information with other libraries.  When the Statement of Policy is 
released, we will promptly notify our members.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Jessica 
McGilvray, Assistant Director of the ALA Office of Government Relations 
at jmcgilvray at alwash.org <mailto:jmcgilvray at alwash.org> or 1-800-941-8478.



Jessica McGilvray

Assistant Director

American Library Association

Washington Office - Office of Government Relations

1615 New Hampshire Ave., N.W., 1st Floor

Washington, D.C. 20009-2520


phone: 202-628-8410

fax: 202-628-8419

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Suzanne L. Sager
Library East, Cataloging
Portland State University

sagers at pdx.edu

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