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 Consumer Product Safety Commission: Lead Issue Update

February 10th, 2009

In discussing this situation with the ALA Washington Office attorney, Nathan
Brown, we were advised that ALA's comment letter to the Consumer Product
Safety Commission offered a statutory interpretation that the Consumer
Product Safety Improvement Act does not apply to libraries, even if it
applies to books.

Additionally, members of Congress have been telling ALA the same thing – the
law was not intended to apply to books.  We, therefore, believe strongly
that the law does not apply to us unless and until CPSC clarifies otherwise
by rule.

We have urged the CPSC to clarify that our interpretation is correct.  In
the meantime, if a library is aware of a book possibly containing lead at
harmful levels or the statutorily prescribed levels, it should remove that

As we learn more about this issue, we will continue to post updates on this

Jessica McGilvray, Assistant Director
ALA Office of Government Relations
jmcgilvray at alawash.org

Diedre Conkling
diedre08 at gmail.com
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