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University of Colorado Boulder Joins BCR's Shelf2Life Program

AURORA, Colo., February 25, 2009 - BCR welcomes the University of Colorado (CU) Boulder Libraries as the first participant in BCR's Shelf2Life program. By joining the Shelf2Life program, CU Boulder Libraries is bringing its collection of pre-1923 U.S.-published monographs back into the public domain, along with other unique collections that have had limited or no access due to age, condition or scarcity.  CU Boulder Library's initial Shelf2Life collection is focusing on western history, followed by collections on railroads and mining. The books will be available as print-on-demand through hundreds of online retailers. 

James F. Williams, II, Dean of the University of Colorado Libraries, Boulder, said, "The University of Colorado Boulder Library sees this program as an opportunity to bring our hidden collections to researchers, students and general readers regardless of where they are located.  Making these titles available as print-on-demand and as ebooks allows delivery to all types of information seekers and provides an invaluable return-on-investment for these types of information resources."

"I'm pleased that the University of Colorado Boulder is the first to join BCR's Shelf2Life," said BCR's President and CEO Brenda Bailey-Hainer.  "They bring not only a rich and varied collection to the program, but also a spirit of leadership in identifying new and innovative ways to share their materials throughout the world."

When completed, CU Boulder Libraries' collection of travel diaries, novels, biographies, poetry and more will be brought to light, revealing the lives of the individuals and groups who were the recorders of this period of westward expansion. Through this unique program, CU Boulder Libraries will meet its mandate to share its collections with new audiences as well as provide faculty, staff, students and researchers access to important content as never before. 

Formerly buried in the University Library, newly republished books such as "History of the Discovery of the Northwest by John Nicolet in 1634" or "Starr King in California" are now easily accessible. Discover how the Northwest was once thought to extend as far as the territories of the states of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin, or learn about a  part of California's history that has been obscured by the veil of time. 

BCR's Shelf2Life program wants to help libraries and cultural heritage organizations share their collections with new audiences. By helping libraries digitize and widen access to their collections, BCR's Shelf2Life program helps libraries increase the visibility, use and recognition of their important collections.  The program helps researchers, collectors and readers by putting these editions within easy reach - in print-on-demand or electronic format. 

About CU Boulder Libraries
The University of Colorado at Boulder's University Libraries has a threefold mission. First, to be central to the University community's discovery, communication and use of knowledge by providing materials, information and services that support the University's mission.  Second, to serve as a research resource for Colorado residents through support for individual, business, cultural, educational, governmental and other information needs.  Third, to share resources with the national and international higher education community.  In order to continue to meet this mission and their high level of service to the University, research, higher education, local, national and international communities, the CU Boulder University Libraries continually strive to innovate and adapt their collections and delivery options.  

About BCR
BCR brings libraries together for greater success by expanding their knowledge, reach and power. They offer a broad range of solutions and their hands-on, personal attention to each member enables them to deliver effective and timely solutions that help libraries keep pace with new developments in technology and services. BCR is the nation's oldest and most established multistate library cooperative. Since 1935, the BCR team has helped libraries learn new skills, reach patrons, increase productivity and save money. BCR (Bibliographical Center for Research) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit headquartered in Aurora, Colorado. For more information, visit www.BCR.org or email info at BCR.org.


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