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I just thought some of you would like to know about this.  Make a call

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 Dear Diedre,
       *National Call Congress
Day For Health Care*

is back in session and health care is at the top of the agenda. Special
interests are still conspiring to cut the heart out of President Obama's
plan: the public plan option. But grassroots pressure has already overcome
corporate dollars to bring around Sens. Arlen Specter and Kay Hagan. Today,
we can build on our success and participate in a national effort led by
Health Care for America Now! to call Congress and demand real health care
reform. *Make your voice heard.

*No month will be as critical as this month of July* in the fight to win
health care for all.

The House and Senate are back in session furiously working to finish
legislation before they adjourn again in early August.

Prospects for a public plan option are improving, thanks to increasing
grassroots pressure. But the *massive lobbying effort from the insurance and
drug companies is far from finished*, and several key Senators have yet to
take a stand.

All day today, millions will be calling Congress to demand real health care
reform, part of nationwide grassroots effort led by Health Care for America

*Click here to tell your Member of Congress: the time is now for real health
care reform with a public plan

Our grassroots voices have already made health care for all even closer to

Two weeks ago after a major health care rally, *Sen. Arlen Specter newly
embraced a public plan*. Last week, Sen. Kay Hagan hesitated from supporting
the Senate HELP committee bill which included a public plan option, until
MoveOn.org urged her constituents to express their disapproval. Soon after,
*Sen. Hagan endorsed the bill*.

The lesson: when we mobilize the grassroots, we make democracy work for the
common good.

*Click here to tell your Member of Congress: the time is now for real health
care reform with a public plan

Will those drafting legislation listen to the *$126 million that insurance
companies, drugmakers and other private health industries have spent on
lobbyists* this year alone to cut the heart out of President Obama's

Or will they listen to the millions of Americans who want and need a public
health plan option that will fully expand coverage and dramatically lower

*Click here to tell your Member of Congress: the time is now for real health
care reform with a public plan

We are so close. You are the real champions of the health care debate and we
are getting close to the finish line.

Let's get it done.


Roger Hickey, Co-Director
Campaign for America's Future

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