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Horner Library Staff Exchange Project 

Oregon Delegates 


Selection Criteria and Application 2009-10


Selection Committee – Gretta Siegel, Chair; Rosalind Wang; Julia Longbrake 



The Horner Library Staff Exchange Project is an exchange of library staff between Fujian Province, China, and Oregon, for the purpose of sharing professional knowledge about library and information science. It was established through a generous gift by the late Dr. Layton Horner to the Oregon State Library and continues through a partnership between the State Library and the Oregon Library Association International Relations Roundtable.  Our international partners are the Fujian Provincial Library and the Fujian Library Association.  Fujian is Oregon's sister province in China, and the Fujian Provincial Library maintains a sister library relationship with the Oregon State Library.


The next exchange will occur in 2010.  In late spring of 2010, the Fujian Provincial Library will send four delegates to spend three weeks in Oregon. In late October or early November, the Oregon State Library will send three delegates to China. At least one delegate in each group must be fluent enough in Mandarin or Minnan dialects and in English to act as translator.


For the Oregon delegates the Horner Fund will pay most travel costs from Portland to Fuzhou. Delegates will be expected to contribute towards travel costs beyond an amount yet to be determined. The Fujian Provincial Library will provide housing, food, and some ground transportation within China. Individual delegates are responsible for a portion of the airfare, medical insurance and expenses, costs of passport and visas, personal expenses, souvenirs, and gifts for the libraries to be visited.  


Although there may be opportunities for sight-seeing, delegates are expected to work in the Chinese libraries by observing their practices, providing training and consultation, and sharing professional expertise. Delegates may choose to extend their time, at their own expense, to take in more sight-seeing.


Applicants for the Horner Exchange program must meet all of the following requirements: 

·         Be a current member in good standing of the Oregon Library Association and its International Relations Round Table.  

·         Have a demonstrated interest in, and involvement with, international librarianship and/or cultural exchanges.

·         Be employed by a library or library-related institution in Oregon. The interpreter may be a librarian who works or worked (if retired) in Oregon or Washington State.

·         Have, or be able to obtain, a valid passport which will not expire before 2012.

·         Be able to pay a portion of the airline costs, as well as other expenses. 

·         Commit to involvement with the visit of the Fujian delegates to Oregon, in order to become acquainted with them before going to China.

·         Be willing and able to share experiences at an OLA or IRRT program. 

·         Be in good health. 

·         Be able to commit to a three-week trip to Fujian, probably in late October or early November 2010. Some flexibility may be needed in case of complications in paperwork.

Preference may be given to candidates who meet the following criteria: 

  a.. While Chinese language proficiency is not required, it may be considered in making the final selection as the OLA IRRT is committed to including one person in each exchange who can speak Mandarin or Minnan dialect well enough to act as translator. 
  b.. The final selection of exchange participants will represent a diverse set of skills to fill the stated needs of the Fujian Library Association.  An MLS degree may be preferred.

Timeline for selection

  a.. Late May  - Call for applications 
  b.. Aug 15, 2009 - Deadline for receiving applications; submit your application electronically to siegelg at pdx.edu  
  c.. September - November - Review applications, check references, screen interpreter's skill 
  d.. December - Announce three delegates and two alternates


Some notes based on the 2007 exchange which may help you in your application decision:


  a.. Lodging will most likely involve individual rooms for each delegate.
  a.. Days are very full with scheduled activities – 14 hour days were the norm, including weekends. Weekends were mostly filled with sightseeing, but were still full days. 
  b.. Ability to sleep in moving vehicles is useful. 
  c.. Translators are always ‘on’ and should have boundless energy. 
  d.. You will not, in general, be allowed to wander or explore on your own. 
  e.. Meals are taken communally and range from semi-formal to very formal. 
  f.. Fujian is a seacoast province and the diet reflects this; you will be treated to many local delicacies, with an emphasis on shellfish.

Application for 2010 Horner Library Staff Exchange Project Delegation to Fujian China 






Employer address: 

Employer phone number: 

Job title:


Are you an OLA IRRT member?   

Do you own a valid U.S. passport?

If yes, when does it expire?            

If no, are there any reasons why you would have difficulty obtaining one? 


Please describe your interest in and involvement with international librarianship and/or cultural exchanges.  Please be specific about your activities. 






Please describe your experience with teaching, training, and public speaking:






Why are you interested in the Horner Exchange program to Fujian Province, China?  




What do you have to offer to the host institution(s)?  






For translators:

What level of proficiency do you have with speaking Mandarin or Minnan Chinese, including library terminology?            



What level of proficiency do you have with speaking English, including library terminology?               


Please be aware that the medical system in Fujian Province is different from the U.S. and we cannot expect the same level of quality medical care there. You will be expected to provide your own urgent care medical insurance.

 Do you anticipate you will have any difficulty with this? 


Some required vaccinations have caused allergic reactions in some people. Some vaccinations take several months to become effective. Can you commit to consulting with your health care provider and obtaining your vaccinations in time for them to be in effect by October?  



Do you have any special medical, health, or dietary considerations that will require accommodation?




Please list names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses for three references 












Please note the application deadline of August 15th, 2009. Direct any questions to Gretta Siegel.


Gretta Siegel, Science Librarian

Portland State University Library

PO Box 1151

Portland, OR  97207


siegelg at pdx.edu

(503) 725-4708
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