[Libs-Or] World Cat Local and circulation

Tony Greiner/Mary Grant greints at spiritone.com
Thu Oct 8 09:24:20 PDT 2009

Hello Colleagues:

The recent posts about an upcoming meeting held by "The Alliance" 
(motto: 'Resistance to The Alliance is futile.') about coordinating 
research efforts in library-land gave me an idea.

My area of interest is in collections, and one of the projects I'm 
interested in is to see what happened to circulation for academic 
libraries that switched to World Cat Local this year. For libraries 
that track their item circulation, it should be fairly simple to 
compare pre-and post WCL to see if it had any affect, both on the 
local collection and number of SUMMIT and ILL requests.

I can do this with PCC data, but it would be more interesting to
have several libraries included.

If you are interested, respond to me directly at this email:

tony_greiner at hotmail.com

If there is interest, maybe we can meet at the Dec 11 meeting of the 
Alliance Research Group to make plans.

Tony Greiner

Tony Greiner/Mary Grant  greints at spiritone.com

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