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I've gotten a few responses from libraries about what they are doing with the H1N1 season.   Please reply to the whole list as I really can't summarize and someone may have a great idea that someone else wants to connect with them directly.     Thanks and again, always wash your hands to the tune of "Happy Birthday", twice!

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Hi all,

As we move into fall, our city and library are gearing up for the H1N1 (swine flu) season.  I would like to ask if people would share what they are doing in their libraries, especially if they've found a really good product to allow patrons to sanitize keyboards or other surfaces.

Are you taking the toys out of your children's room?

Are you providing hand sanitizer or wipes to those using your public computers?

Are your circ staff looking at using gloves at checkin? or checkout?

Are you canceling storytime at any point?

Are you sanitizing books and other materials as they are returned?

And with that, everyone wash your hands to the tune of Happy Birthday, Twice!

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