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Jill Poyer poyerj at ci.mcminnville.or.us
Tue Sep 15 08:44:12 PDT 2009

Leah, Library supervisors in my library are having a planning meeting on
Sept. 23rd to finalize our H1N1 business plan. I have been to the Flu
Summit in Salem and also the local Yamhill Co. meetings. I just came
back from one this morning. To get on that list contact Sara Bates,
Yamhill County Preparedness Coordinator 503.434.7525. 
So far our plans potentially include:
	Sanitizing wipes at Internet and OPAC computers
	Gloves and masks available to staff if desired
	Updating our library staff phone lists and protocol for calling
in sickness.
	Cross-training personnel to perform library tasks deemed most
necessary - we have cross trained 3 people into basic circ operations.
	Making flu information available in the lobby, throughout the
library and on our website, in English and Spanish - links to CDC and
www.flu.oregon.gov, etc.
	Making sure all personnel have a back up plan for their most
strategic duties.
	Making sure all volunteers know who to call and where to leave a
	Stressing the need for staff to stay home when they are sick -
to self-quarantine and not come back to work until they have been free
of fever (and fever reducer) for 24 hours.
	Discussing with the city and payroll about staff that have
already used up sick leave and would have to go LWOP - can they use
future SL? 

At this point, we are not taking toys out of the children's room, do not
plan to wash books and do not plan on canceling story hours. We plan to
stay open and maintain our usual hours. You mentioned some ideas we had
not thought about and we will consider them. Thanks.
Jill Poyer
Library Director
McMinnville Public Library
225 NW Adams Street
McMinnville, OR 97128

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Hi all,

As we move into fall, our city and library are gearing up for the H1N1
(swine flu) season.  I would like to ask if people would share what they
are doing in their libraries, especially if they've found a really good
product to allow patrons to sanitize keyboards or other surfaces.

Are you taking the toys out of your children's room?

Are you providing hand sanitizer or wipes to those using your public

Are your circ staff looking at using gloves at checkin? or checkout?

Are you canceling storytime at any point?

Are you sanitizing books and other materials as they are returned?

And with that, everyone wash your hands to the tune of Happy Birthday,

Leah M. Griffith, Director
Newberg Public Library
503 E. Hancock Street     Newberg, OR   97132
P 503-537-1256     F 503-538-9720
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