[Libs-Or] Answers to your training needs

Pierina Parise pparise at emporia.edu
Fri Jun 4 14:45:21 PDT 2010

Keeping Up with Northwest Central

Training for library staff is more important than ever, especially when that training is affordable and accessible.  The Northwest Central website (www.nwcentral.org) is a gateway for locating free webinars, tutorials, and other low and no-cost learning tools.  The Events listings on Northwest Central (available in list or calendar view) is available to find training opportunities in your region or online.  The Resources listings include presentations, handouts, weblinks and other learning tools for your type of library job.  

RSS users!  Please note that if you subscribed to NWCentral RSS feeds before the major site upgrade (March 2010), you will need to subscribe again.  Apologies for the inconvenience.  A list of custom feeds is available at http://www.nwcentral.org/rss .  RSS feeds are a great way to learn about upcoming library trainings in your region and new resources for your job, so everyone is invited to take advantage of this service.

Northwest Central is a community-driven project supporting library learning, and the library community is being stretched thin in these lean times.  Please support strong libraries by sharing your training resources on Northwest Central.  Post  workshops, conferences and meetings to the Events Calendar, and share your favorite links, tutorials and other learning tools.  More than ever, we need to share our resources to be able to keep up and thrive.   

Send questions or comments to admin at nwcentral.org, and thank you for your support of community-driven library continuing education.  

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