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Subject: Privatization of Public Libraries - good or bad? You tell us.

Earlier this week LRS launched a new 60-Second Survey: Privatization of Public Libraries. People are really passionate about this topic and we've had a terrific number of responses. However, we've heard from some states more than others (CO, CA, & WA have the highest response rates).

We'd really like to hear from library staff in all the states...and beyond!

Thank you. Any and all help is appreciated.


Recently, the New York Times published an article about the privatization of public libraries http://nyti.ms/9b94Ai.    This article described the trend in some communities to turn over the management of public libraries to private organizations. In response to this article, library staff engaged in spirited online discussions about whether libraries should be privatized. Taking notice of these discussions, Library Research Service at the Colorado State Library has launched a new 60-Second Survey to get your opinions about privatization. 

Do you think privatization is a good option for libraries? How would it impact library collections, services, staff, and patrons? Tell us what you think. Take the survey here: http://surveys.lrs.org/respond.php?sid=165.  

Please pass this on to your colleagues-locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally.

Thank you.

Nicolle Steffen
Director, Library Research Service
Colorado State Library

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