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Hi, all. I have been poking around various social networking sites in the sciences and would like to pass along another bunch of links to items I found interesting.

I don’t know if this is widely known or not, but it is neat if you want to generate word clouds. Really cool!


This is one I made:


The Data Publishing Three-Step


And this is a helpful video about the neat tool Openheatmap:


The video below is a overly long (around 50 minutes and many talking heads), but the examples of data visualization shown are worth seeing

Journalism in the Age of Data


A Taxonomy of Data Science


The Data Science Venn Diagram


Open Licenses vs Public Licenses


If all You Have is a Hammer” - How Useful is Humanitarian Crowdsourcing?


Wolfram Alpha – Two Sm at rt 4 teh Interwebs? (video)


See the Future with a Search

A Web startup demos a "predictive" search engine.


Here is the video—kind of clever but no real breakthrough:


This is potentially interesting

Alt-metrics: a manifesto

because one of the signers is Cameron Neylon and he is one of the leaders of Open Science (and likes manifestos and big documents like the Panton Principles http://pantonprinciples.org/)

Cute little thing:

ReaderMeter: Crowdsourcing research impact


Here is the tool:


Conflicts of Interest at Medical Journals: The Influence of Industry-Supported Randomised Trials on Journal Impact Factors and Revenue – Cohort Study

Fascinating argument here, “Conclusions: Publication of industry-supported trials was associated with an increase in journal impact factors. Sales of reprints may provide a substantial income. We suggest that journals disclose financial information in the same way that they require them from their authors, so that readers can assess the potential effect of different types of papers on journals' revenue and impact.”


Self-motivated vs. mandated archiving


The Stein Taxonomy: An Analytic Model for Social Reading

Here is a useful piece on ghostwriters in medicine:

Interview With a Ghost (Writer)


Where Good Ideas Come From


Why don't more science bloggers cite their images?


MARC isn’t Dead, but it is a Dead End

What are your favorite complicated diagrams?


Is Goo.gl really the fastest URL shortener? (chart)


Some thoughts on principles for scientific attribution


And this a neat idea for keeping donors happy that even small hospital libraries that have online catalogs could try:

Virtual bookplates
Enhancing donor recognition and library development


And this is a wonderful article that all librarians should read:

Lessons from the fiction desk: Becoming a better academic librarian at the public library


And, never one to let an opportunity for self promotion slip by, I am including a link to the PDF of my talk, “They Do Public Health Differently There: Opportunities for Publication and Networking in the Humanities and Social Sciences.” If you would pass that along to nurse researchers and public health folks, I'd appreciate it.


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