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Kylie, from the Oregon Museums Association, asked for an item about C2C for
the OMA hard-copy newsletter.  I wrote up the following and am sending it to
her and to those of you in the C2C Infoposting group.  It would be great if
you could incorporate it in your hard-copy and e-newsletters and on your
websites. If you need something further for your purposes, please let me
know.   If you are receiving this message, you are in that group!   Please
also check out the blog at   <http://orc2c.blogspot.com>
http://orc2c.blogspot.com (thanks to Judith!)


Thank you, and let me know if you have questions.  Ruth


C2C Grant Update: Planning for Oregon's Preservation Training Needs


In 2006, the Heritage Health Index identified millions of items in the
nation's cultural institutions that were in danger due to poor conditions,
lack of training, and other causes. As a result of the study, the Institute
for Museum & Library Services made funds available to states for planning
purposes.  With a grant from the ISLS, Oregon museums, libraries and other
cultural institutions are planning together  for Oregon's preservation
training needs.  


The grant project's Steering Committee and project coordinator, Ruth Metz,
are holding 3 regional meetings this fall (2 were held this summer in Eugene
and Portland).  They are gathering information about the training needs of
those who work with Oregon's heritage collections. These regional meetings
will help the Steering Committee structure a statewide survey to verify and
quantify preservation training needs across museums, libraries, and
archives.   Look for the survey in October and the survey report in


What then?  The survey report will be the launching pad for an Oregon
heritage leadership summit in January 2011.  The summit will result in an
action plan for improving heritage collections through training.  Having a
plan of action is especially important because the IMLS is expected to fund
statewide efforts that are purposeful and grounded in need that is
substantiated with data.  That is precisely what we are about!


In the meantime, if you have questions about the project, contact Kyle
Jansson ((503-986-0673), Project Director, Oregon Heritage Commission, or
Ruth Metz, the Project Coordinator (503-422-8024).  For more information,
you may also go this site  <http://orc2c.blogspot.com>


Kyle Jansson, Oregon Heritage Commission and C2C Project Director
Dave Hegeman, Business Reference Librarian, Special Collections Coordinator,
Oregon State Library

Shawna Gandy, Collections Access Specialist, Oregon Historical Society
Research Library
Gardner Chappell, Oregon Museums Association President and Douglas County
James Fox, Head, Special Collections and University Archives University of
Oregon Libraries
Keni Sturgeon, Curator & Museum Director, Mission Mill Museum part of the
Willamette Heritage Center  

Kris Kern, Fine and Performing Arts Librarian, Portland State Library
Larry Landis, Archivist at Oregon State University
Layne G Sawyer, Oregon State Archives
Lindy Trolan, Cultural Collections Coordinator, Confederated Tribes of Grand
Marsha Matthews, Oregon Historical Society Director of Public Services
Mary E Herkert, Oregon State Archives
MJ Koreiva, Oregon Museum Association and Umpqua River Lighthouse Museum
Normandy Helmer, University of Oregon Libraries
Judith Norton, Head, Access Services, Oregon Health & Science University
Randall Melton, Tamastslikt Cultural Institute
Terry Baxter, Northwest Archivists immediate Past President
Tiah Edmunson-Morton, Archivist, Oregon State University
Alex Toth, Pacific University Library and Oregon Library Association


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I'm not sure how much our membership knows about the project, especially
those not connected with email (which we have several).  I didn't know you
had a blog (that's very cool).  I'm wondering if you'd be willing to send me
the link to the blog, if I could publish the and maybe pull a little bit of
background information off of it to let people know what was going on, and
how they could help in the future (taking the survey which will be out later
this fall, etc.).

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By Sept 15th, we won't have much more than what we have now on the blog; out
next regional meetings are Sept 13, 14, and 28.  We'll probably have the
next C2C Steering Committee in Pendleton/phone on the Sept 28th (working on
that now).  I will be getting the survey draft ready in Sept and we will
settle on that at the Sept 28th meeting.  The survey will be conducted in
Oct, the survey report in Nov, and the Summit in January.  


I'd be happy to draft a summary of the project to date and a timeline (along
these lines) for the Newsletter.  


Kyle, what do you think?  Ruth


From: info at oregonmuseums.org [mailto:info at oregonmuseums.org] 
Sent: Friday, September 03, 2010 4:29 PM
To: ruthmetz at spiretech.com; kyle.jansson at state.or.us
Subject: Update on C2C Project


Hi Ruth and Kyle,

I am putting together the OMA Newsletter (paper edition), and I was
wondering if you had anything you would like to go out to the OMA members
reguarding the Connecting to Collections Program.  It is scheduled to be in
the mail around the beginning of October.  I could put in an announcement
about upcoming meetings this winter, or an update on the project or a
request to members for information, etc.  My info deadline is September
15th, so I can start formatting and get it to the printer.

Oregon Museums Association

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