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Note: not wanting to be accused of false advertising, let me clarify that the wristbands will be offered in several individual hues and colors, but there are no multi-colored bands this year. The word 'rainbow' was used for alliteration purposes only, not as an actual descriptor. (No chameleons were harmed in the production of this product. Side effects may include, but are not limited to jaundice, rosacea, feeling green around the gills, and being blue for you).

See you soon!

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> Dear OLA Attendees
> Recently I promised to stop teasing you and provide some info about the Past Presidents Round Table’s fabulous fundraiser. Your wait is over! For the good of humanity and librarians everywhere, specifically those who will someday benefit from the OLA MLS Scholarship Fund, we present to you….drum roll please…..the radiant, the radical, the rainbow colored.... wristband! For only $4 (3 for $10) you too can support librarians while sporting the very latest in wrist fashion. Forget diamonds! What you really want is silicone and not the implant kind. Wrist silicone makes a statement like no other. And that statement is:
> Read. Think. Repeat.
> Guaranteed never to deteriorate, this wristband will quickly become the star of your jewelry box (and wherever guys throw their bling). Buy several for friends, family and staff back home. You know you want some. Only 5 more days and you'll be wearing one! I know, I'm excited too!!
> Look for me, Mo, and all of the other really cool past presidents. We'll be the ones wearing the amazing wristbands. See you in Salem!
> Mo
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