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Laura Orr Laura_Orr at co.washington.or.us
Wed Aug 31 11:52:03 PDT 2011

I heard from a couple of legal aid lawyers and made a few corrections to
my 8/17/11 Oregon Landlord-Tenant posting at the Oregon Legal Research
blog.  Blogspot also makes us crazy so I was "forced" to redo the post,
which means it has a new URL:

You can still go to the blog's homepage
(http://oregonlegalresearch.blogspot.com/) and click on the
Landlord-tenant labels, and view new posts, but feel free to email us if
you, or your patrons, have any problems with links in current blog
Thank you!


From: Laura Orr 
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Subject: Oregon landlord-tenant law

I've created a new Oregon landlord-tenant law blog post that you might
find useful.  Blogspot doesn't allow much in the way of formating, nor
is it my forte, but suggestions, corrections, and additions are always
welcome.  And feel free to add those as a Comment or email me or the
blog directly.
I'll be running the post by a group of lawyers, too, so may tweak it
over the next few days.
Homepage: http://oregonlegalresearch.blogspot.com/
Happy Renting / Landlording!
P.S. Holly Gerber, the incoming Chair of the Legal Reference Round
Table, and our Assistant Law Librarian, has been updating the OLA Legal
Reference Round Table website, where you'll find additional resources:
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