[Libs-Or] Person in charge of building-small libraries?

Maureen Cole mcole at ci.oregon-city.or.us
Fri Dec 2 05:35:43 PST 2011

Hi everyone:

We are currently working on our emergency procedures and it is amazing the number of questions that arise once you get going on this topic. When I say emergency procedures, I mean when an alarm goes off, there is a snowstorm requiring a potential closure, etc. 

However, I am also talking about the situations that are less than 'emergency' that require someone to make a decision. We all know there is a vast array of possible situations that can come up at any time. 

I know that EPL has "ICOB" (in charge of building) and MCL has "PIC" (Person in charge). What do other libraries do to clarify the training and responsibility chain necessary for the smooth flow of operations when these moments occur? Do you have formal procedures? Do you have formal training? I'm especially interested in what smaller libraries have in place.

To be specific, what is in place for those times when a manager is not on duty? What are expectations for classified staff?

Thanks everyone. We are trying to provide all the right tools to staff here and this is a great opportunity to learn, and potentially incorporate, ideas from other places. We all have so much to share!

Have a great weekend!

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