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Jim Scheppke jim.b.scheppke at state.or.us
Thu Dec 1 15:07:11 PST 2011

Dear Colleagues:
A team of filmmakers from Grants Pass is working on a film about the challenges to public libraries. I received the message below from the director of the film. They are embarked on a modest fundraising campaign. I wanted the Oregon library community to know about it in case you know of anyone who would like to help. I can vouch for the quality and professionalism of the effort here. Watch the trailer to get a better idea about it.

Thanks colleagues.

Jim Scheppke, State Librarian
Oregon State Library
250 Winter St. NE
Salem, OR 97301
(fax) 503-585-8059
jim.b.scheppke at state.or.us

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Date: Wed, 30 Nov 2011 18:35:47 -0800
To: Jim Scheppke <jim.b.scheppke at state.or.us>
Subject: update on library documentary

Dear Mr. Scheppke,

I wanted to update you on the progress we are making on the library
documentary. We've been busy since our interview, including several
money-making projects for fellow producer Jes Webb and work as
assistant director on a narrative feature film for me. We're so
pleased to now move into this next phase of a project that stirs our

We have launched our campaign to raise funding to create a more
national perspective. You can view the project directly at:


It was difficult to choose comments for the trailer, and we were glad
that we had your interview to draw upon.

You can also find information on the film's website:
www.librarymovie.com. I have also created a Twitter account,
https://twitter.com/librarymovie, and a Facebook page,

Thank you for participating in the process so far, and I look forward
to advancing toward a finished film.

Patricia Snyder,
"Balancing the Books: Modern Library Function and Funding"

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