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Hi Mo, I'll speak on behalf of Eugene Public Library:

-have you seen an increase in Library2Go traffic?
Generally we haven't seen much change in traffic, but we have seen a change in the nature of the questions. We get more questions now about getting started than tech troubleshooting. More front line staff are prepared to handle the getting started questions, so it's easier for us to handle them on the spot.

-which service area typically handles these questions?
Adult services reference staff handle the bulk of the questions. Branch staff also get questions. Fortunately, we have several staff members who are "experts" with Library2Go and able to handle questions that go beyond what all reference staff are trained to know.  We encourage patrons to use the email tech support.

-what if the conversation gets really lengthy?
When possible, we work with the patron until the problem is solved. In a bigger system like ours, we can generally handle it. In a smaller system, I recommend setting up an appointment for a future time. We've discussed if it would be helpful to have a specially trained, computer savvy, eBook enthusiast volunteer to help carry some of this load.  The volunteer could be scheduled by appointment or be available at certain times.

-do you ever schedule appointments for this or defer phone calls to another time?
Yes, this is fairly common for more involved questions, for questions about technical problems, or for those who want to bring in their device.

We offer classes and I think that helps lessen the time spent with individuals.  We have put together a lot of resources online<http://eugene.libguides.com/ebooks> that staff and patrons can refer to.  Those resources include how to get started by device and links to videos.  Often we will verbally walk a patron through the basics and show them our online guide, thus giving them the basics to set themselves up at home. Not all patrons can handle this, but many can. We encourage them to ask for more help if needed.

The questions we get fall into three main categories:  1) What device should I buy?, 2) How does Library2Go work with my device?, and 3) specific technical troubleshooting.  Our resource guide addresses all three categories.

Suggestions for managing staff time spent with Library2Go patrons:
For technical help, encourage the use of the email tech support.
For walking through Library2Go from start to finish with a patron and their device, think about making appointments and/or recruiting a very special volunteer.
For questions about the service and getting started (patron's device is at home), walk them through the My Help section of Library2Go and/or point them to other online resources.
For questions about choosing an eReader, point them to online resources (like ours<http://eugene.libguides.com/content.php?pid=163485&sid=1380695>) that ask questions particular to their own intended use of a device and that offer video product comparisons.


I hope this helps!

Lorie Vik
Virtual Services Librarian | Eugene Public Library
ODLC Vice Chair | Library2Go
lorie.a.vik at ci.eugene.or.us<mailto:lorie.a.vik at ci.eugene.or.us>

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Hi everyone:

Thanks so much for your responses to my questions about staff dealing with alarms, emergencies, and security issues. I got a lot of great responses which I will collate and post soon.

In the meantime, another topic had arisen. Our patron interaction, on the phone and in person primarily, has risen sharply, especially with the advent of Kindle capability. We are excited about this but it requires that we address and allocate resources. These conversations can get really lengthy which means that the person answering the question may be pulled away from other duties, such as regular circ desk duties.
Which leads me to ask:

-have you seen an increase in Library2Go traffic?
-which service area typically handles these questions?
-what if the conversation gets really lengthy?
-do you ever schedule appointments for this or defer phone calls to another time?

Other tips from your experience? We don't have a lot of people to go around so sometimes these conversations can really impact regular work load.

Thanks! Mo

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