[Libs-Or] Pronounce "pbook".

Jim Knutson tintin at exchangenet.net
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Wouldn't ya know the invented new word would be unpronounceable. Strictly a print word, not a spoken word.

Gonna have to change it if it's something we're going to ask patrons. "Are you looking for that as pbook or an e-book?"

Unless we just start submitting notes to them. But they still say, "What is a pbook? It says right here 'Are you looking for a pbook?' What is a pbook?" (Reminds me of the "gub" gag in Woody Allen's Take the Money and Run. Arguing with Allen as bank robber who's submitted the teller a note, the teller and others are telling him, "No, it says right here, 'I have a gub.' What is a gub?"

A pbook? Or is it a silent "p", as in pneumonia? What's the rule on "p before b"?


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  I found this sentence, for instance, quite interesting, "...print books (hereafter referred to as pbooks when it is important to distinguish them from electronic books, or ebooks)."


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